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Hi,Iam new to this site.I have fibromyalgia and went to my g.p Yesturday as my condition is so bad ATM.I asked her for the thyroid tests but she only agreed to the TSH and TF4 as she said they would only test you for the other ones that was recommended to me by marz on here if the TSH and TF4 were out of range.I asked her for a printout of my last tests which were a year ago and would like to know if they are o.k please.Serum TSH:1.04.I will let you know what my recent blood tests results are when I get them x Also:B12/folate 10.6,vitaminB12 699ng/L ferritin 118ng/L

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  • Your blood results will have ranges next to them and unfortunately without the ranges, as every lab has different ranges, (they are in brackets after the result) it would be hard to answer your questions.

    Moggie x

  • Will have a look then:TSH leval 1.04 mu/L (0.27-4.2),folate level 10.6 (4.6-20.0),B12 699 (180-900.0),ferritin 118 (10-291)

  • Wish I had levels like yours, especially the ferritin and B12. They look o.k. to me but they were done a year ago and things can change. I would wait until your GP has done you another TSH plus FT4 test and see what they say.

    Moggie x

  • Thank you.I will post the results when I get them.I have been feeling so poorly and when I looked at the hypothyroidism symptoms I have so many of them but it could just be the fibromyalgia :(

  • Have you considered the possibility that you might have adrenal problems? Something has to be causing your fibro. There's a good questionnaire here

  • Glad you GP was helpful. It will be interesting to see your T4 levels....which is the storage hormone secreted by the thyroid. That in turn is converted into ACTIVE T3 - and when this is LOW - then it can ring alarm bells for many conditions. Including FM. Without that reading it is difficult to tell what is going on. Still you have made a start...and that is positive. is also a good website too - to add to rosetrees above - where there are lists to compare if your symptoms are Adrenal or Thyroid. Also a page to learn about the blood results and what they mean in connection with adrenals and other conditions. All helpful stuff. Will look out for your next post ....

  • I've just started reading the adrenal stuff and done the questionnaire and it's come out as a very high reading so will read on.It looks like adrenal stress,which I kind of suspected as have had prolonged stress over the years.What is the treatment for it do you know?xx

  • dashing out - so just quickly ! Look at and click onto Adrenals at the top. The next box is interesting as in the drop down menu there is a piece - Fibromyalgia - its not what you think ! Happy reading. We are two hours ahead here in Crete - catch up in the morning....

  • ...adrenal support comes in the form of supplements...

  • Thank you,will look into it alongside the thyroid stuff.If my g.p only tests me for the TSH and TF4 will it give a good idea of whether I have thyroid problems or should I get the other tests done privately?x

  • ....if your Doc does not want to test the FT3 ( expense ) you could offer to pay for it yourself - and that might swing it. Cheaper than having it done privately. Don't forget to ask for your anti-bodies tests too. You could also mention Dr Lowe and his treatment of FM with NDT - Natural Dessicated Thyroid - which contains T3.

    If the TSH is over 2.5 - it can be interpreted as a struggling thyroid. If the FT4 and the FT3 are low along with low TSH - then that could indicate adrenal issues. As indicated on Dr Rinds website. T4 only converts into T3 when Iron B12 etc are all high in the even people without a thyroid problem can have LOW they are not converting well due to compromised absorption of the vits and minerals mentioned. Our gut holds the secret of good health....

    A good doctor will not go by just the blood test - he will also take into consideration all the symptoms and family history. The dreaded TSH test came into being in the early 70's - so any doc that was trained after that time - most ! - will have been trained to look at the blood tests and not the person. Sadly the art of diagnosis is long gone in many cases.

    Print off the list of Signs and Symptoms from the Thyroid UK website - tick off the ones relevant to you and show your Doc....

    Wishing you well.....

  • Thanks for all that,however I've got to get a new g.p first as mine is no good :(

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