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Help me to find good Endocrinologist, please!


A couple of years ago I've been diagnosed with Hashimoto's. I've stopped taking thyroxine and instead went gluten/dairy free diet and it worked. Blood tests didn't show any problem from endocrine perspective. Now I've got many more unpleasant symptoms that i guess has to do with the hormones. I'd love to pick the doctor by recommendations so I know I am in the safe hands.

Thank you All

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This is a list of clinical symptoms.

If you email Dionne at she has a list of sympathetic doctors. email below:

We do not post doctors name on the forum.

ilonabrown in reply to shaws

Hello. I believe people can send a private messages with the name just to share their experience?

I have seen very famous professors two years ago and he has let me down so badly that now I can’t trust Google and Google reviews. One private decent feedback and doctors name would do for me to give it a go.

If you don’t let private members to give names in the private messages as well, then it’s ok, I understand.

Thank you

shawsAdministrator in reply to ilonabrown

Hi ilonabrown,

We do permit doctors names to be on Private Messages. We do not allow any names on the open Forum.

So I will close this post, but you will still receive private messages if a member has the information you require.

Don't worry if you return back to this post and see a 'blue line' across your post. That just means comments - if any - will be by private message.

Most members on this forum have found that treating themselves have enabled them to be symptom-free. The only problem recently is in sourcing T3 - should it be required.

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