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Seeing an endocrinologist please help!

Hello everyone who has suffered and can offer me some hope! we have managed to to see an endocrinologist privately i have one chance at this! I'm seeing him on friday i need to know what to ask, I've already sent all my lab results and blood tests for the last year plus the nutritional programme I'm on for his perusal....(not sure how much perusing he'll do but hey ho we live in hope!)

I've given a short history of whats been going on when i stopped the meds and why etc....

please has anyone been to see an endocrinologist and asked all the right questions? what was your exp? did you get the answers you needed? did you wish you'd asked something else? are there any positive stories? can you offer me some hope? this feels like its my only hope and I'm terrified! what happened how were you treated did they just bung you on levothyroxine for 3 months? tell you to go back to gp for re test? was anything resolved? 

what if he doesn't listen? what if he does the 'you need HRT and antidepressants mantra?' what if its all a waste of time? so scared that this is going to cost so much and we will be no further forward..

i am literally  doing absolutely EVERYTHING I POSSIBLY CAN to help myself!! gluten free, dairy free, try to exercise and drink loads of water, i don't drink i don't smoke, i take my supplements and vitamins RELIGIOUSLY!  its all cost a fortune and we are DESPERATE DESPERATE for some answers!! 

if this all goes wrong...i think we will end up divorced....I know ill be devastated if i don't get some help hubby can't take much more..

its been HELL I'm sure you ALL know what its like.....

ANY advice will be so much appreciated

TIA and thanks for listening to  me again!

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I think honestly, you've said all you have to say on your post.  It's very, very emotive, very articulate and gets to the emotional (and financial) impact on not just you but your family. 

I would either print this off and show it to him (l'd have to that as I'd be too at the end of my tether to articulate it properly) or tell him exactly what is in the above post.

Be brave, take deep breaths, let him speak and if he recommends HRT/ADs tell him he's a sh!t and he's not getting paid! HA! (only joking.... ish).

I saw quite a holistic endo, he had a good look at me and concluded it was my neck being in such a mess that has caused all my problems.  Was it what I wanted to hear?  Well, it wasn't what I expected to hear.  I've followed his advice and will get bloods done to see if ABs have gone away.  Other people have had very good results with him and I'm in a better state then I was 6 months ago.


was this i the uk?

thank you for your lovely reply :-)


Yes, in West Yorkshire!

Sending you hugs and luck Bio.

H xxx


Hi, Im sorry I have nothing to add as I'm still trying to get an appointment, but wanted to wish you luck and let you know I'm following your story with bated breath 😀 🌻🍀

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be forewarned..i don't believe that an Endo. is the place to go with autoimmune thyroid.  Many have terrible luck with them.  They know nothing about the immune system  I have seen 4!!  I am trying to get well with functional medicine now.  see isabella wentz's forum on healing hashimotos.


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