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Hashimotos help



Hope someone can help!!!

My doctor has left messages on my phone everyday for 2 weeks to make an appointment.

I had a thyroid test in January 2018 my tsh level was 3.4 and tpo 764.

I had another test due to symptoms in September the 5.6 tpo 986

So this has elevated. Apparently I should of had a re test back then but nobody contacted me until now as they say it's "urgent" I have another blood test.

Should I be worried???

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Make sure your blood test is at the very earliest possible, fasting (you can drink water) and if you were taking thyroid hormone replacements, you'd allow a gap of 24 hours between dose and test and take afterwards.

We usually take levothyroxine when we get up with one full glass of water and wait an hour before eating. Food and coffee can interfere with the uptake of the hormones.

At least your doctor has contacted you as many doctors seem to keep the patient waiting, despite symptoms, until TSH is 10.

You don't need to be worried as I diagnosed myself as no doctor or any medical person could but I did get other 'name's/diagnosis for things I didn't have. TSH was 100 by then.

I shall give you a list of clinical symptoms and you can tick off the ones you have. The aim is a blood test every six weeks, following the above advice, and also get a print-out of your results with the ranges. Ranges are important as labs differ in them and it makes it easier for members to respond.


GP should also test B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate.


When thyroid antibodies are present you have an Autoimmune Thyroid Disease but treatment is the same as hypothyroidism, except going gluten-free can help reduce the antibodies which attack our gland until we're hypo.




Let’s hope that your GP is willing to start you on Levothyroxine.

Obviously, your thyroid is struggling and without thyroid medication it will continue to struggle.

If he states re testing again in a few months time, don’t accept this.

Request that you start Levothyroxine 50mcg (don’t accept 25mcg) stay on this for 6 weeks then increase Levothyroxine by a further 25mcg and keep repeating this process until your blood tests (every 6 weeks) shows TSH is 1 or below, and T3 & T4 is in the higher figures of the lab ranges.

Make sure your blood tests are taken as early as possible in the morning before 9am. Don’t take Levothyroxine the morning of your bloods. Drink water only, no food.

Best Wishes


What treatment are you on?

Have you had any tests to check your Adrenal function first?

Ever had an Ultrasound scan of your Thyroid?

Have you asked your GP to also test the following nutrients levels because you possibly have some deficiencies that require prescribed supplements also?

- Vitamin D


Folate and Ferritin

Wouldn't a good start be to make an appointment to see your GP asap?

Thank you for replying

They was going to give me some medication in September but then had a phone call saying they wasn't giving it me and I'm to go see a specialist. Then now they say I should of had another blood test in September but they forgot to tell me until now! I'm very tired all the time which is why i went back.

Jam05 in reply to Jam05

I've had no more tests at all..

Make sure you get a copy of all the results of blood tests done for your records, if you live in the uk you are legally allowed to have a copy, then post on this site for knowledgeable people to comment on.Best of luck

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