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Where can I buy Erfa on line please


Hi. I would like to purchase Erfa NDT on line. Does anyone on here do this without a private prescription please. I’ve lost my job due to being so unwell for 6 months now. Been on Erfa and I feel much better. Maybe Armour would be ok too. Only been on 60mg plus a bite of a tablet. Erfa 2 months. I can’t afford a private Dr and pay for Erfa with losing my job now. Any help would be much appreciated I think I’ll need 60s and 30s I’ll get another job as soon as I’m better and able

Kindest regards


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I am sorry you've lost your job - it has been a disaster for you due to having hypo and most of all, losing your job.

I will close your post - just in case information is posted inadvertently on the forum and you will receive private messages from thos who have the info.

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