Should I take more Erfa?


I've been on 1grain of Erfa for 6 months and feel much better but still have some symptoms that linger (water retention, joint pains, getting worn out if I don't rest during the day).

My results :

Tsh 0,9 ( 0,2-4)

Ft3 5,1 (3,5-6,5)

Ft4 13,8 ( 11-23)

No antibodies

Dr thinks I'm on the correct dose because of sufficient ft3 but I feel I could try more , maybe it could fix what I'm struggling with.

Shouldn't Tsh be closer to the lower reference range?

Thank you for your help .

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  • i agree its worth upping to 1.5 grains

  • Nemi123,

    FT3 5.1 is good but there is scope to increase dose which will raise FT4 and FT3 and improve symptoms.

  • Thank You

    I have a new appointment in two weeks and will try to convince him 😀

    My doc is always so afraid of excess ft3.

  • have you checked your b12 levels and d3 level since both can make you feel terrible tired and have joint problems and muscle aches....I take b12 with a b complex as well and d3 w k2 in it.

  • Hi!

    Sorry for late reply, just got my newest results from march

    B12 889 (170-650)

    D3 134 (50-150)

    TSH 1,2 ( 0,2-4)

    Ft3 5,3 (3,5-6,5)

    Ft4 13,8 (11-23)

    Ferritin 39 (15-200)

    Dr says to stay on the same dose (60mg erfa).

  • I agree

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