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Should I take more Erfa?


I've been on 1grain of Erfa for 6 months and feel much better but still have some symptoms that linger (water retention, joint pains, getting worn out if I don't rest during the day).

My results :

Tsh 0,9 ( 0,2-4)

Ft3 5,1 (3,5-6,5)

Ft4 13,8 ( 11-23)

No antibodies

Dr thinks I'm on the correct dose because of sufficient ft3 but I feel I could try more , maybe it could fix what I'm struggling with.

Shouldn't Tsh be closer to the lower reference range?

Thank you for your help .

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i agree its worth upping to 1.5 grains



FT3 5.1 is good but there is scope to increase dose which will raise FT4 and FT3 and improve symptoms.


Thank You

I have a new appointment in two weeks and will try to convince him 😀

My doc is always so afraid of excess ft3.


have you checked your b12 levels and d3 level since both can make you feel terrible tired and have joint problems and muscle aches....I take b12 with a b complex as well and d3 w k2 in it.



Sorry for late reply, just got my newest results from march

B12 889 (170-650)

D3 134 (50-150)

TSH 1,2 ( 0,2-4)

Ft3 5,3 (3,5-6,5)

Ft4 13,8 (11-23)

Ferritin 39 (15-200)

Dr says to stay on the same dose (60mg erfa).


I agree


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