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Extra supplements

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Hi 👋

I have an under active thyroid, B12 deficiency and Vitamin D gets quite low so I take a Vit D tablet at night. I also have to take salazopyrin for arthritis.

I was talking to a lovely Admin the other night and she mentioned supplements. I’ve been thinking about this since then and would like to see if it may help in any way. Any advice would be greatly received.

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Simple answer is yes, taking supplements helps, especially if you have poor gut absorption from Hashimoto's etc and even a healthy diet doen't work properly .. they can help 'reverse' conditions like my hair loss ( not sure if it was a single or combo of vits/ mins that did it), but also contributes to my feeling of being proactive about my own health, especially when doctors effectively suggesting all my bloods are 'normal'. But be aware some poor folate, ferritin, Vit D and B12 etc blood results might need proper medical intervention like a series of B12/iron injections, or better understanding of a diagnosis such as Pernicious Anaemia. Supplements can be pricey, but get the rights ones/doses ( see many of SeasideSusie's replies to posts)... many forum members have good experiences of taking them!

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Hi Hufflepuff

We first need to know our current levels, then supplement if necessary to optimal levels and then where appropriate, a maintenance dose to keep levels optimal.

You're having B12 injections every 8 weeks so that should be fine, unless you experience B12 deficiency symptoms between injections then you could top up with some sublingual methylcobalamin.

I pointed out that you need to know your folate level because B12 and folate work together. When supplementing with B12 we need a good B complex to balance all the B vitamins. As B complex is suggested for Hypo patients, and is good adrenal support, you could get maybe Thorne Basic B or Igennus Super B, both contain the bioavailable forms of the vitamins and are good brands.

I gave you the amounts of D3 needed for your level, suggested by the Vit D Council, and mentioned the cofactors that are important to take when supplementing with D3.

That just leaves ferritin and before considering any form of iron supplementation it's essential to test ferritin because it's not a good idea to take iron tablets when there's no need. Too much iron is as bad as too little.

Vit C is also suggested for us Hypos, and again is good adrenal support. It can be taken to bowel tolerance, but 2000mg daily is a pretty decent dose to take. Vit C leaves our body very quickly, so divided doses throughout the day is best for Vit C.

Thanks again for all your advice.

I have a Dr’s appointment next week so I will ask to have folate and ferritin tested.

I am concerned about advice given by some Gp’s as when I was told about Vit D levels and to supplement it was never mentioned that you don’t take it with Levothyroxine. I found that out the hard way.

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to Hufflepuff15


Unfortunately, GPs don't seem to be very knowledgeable about this.

Thanks, it was SeasideSusie that I was talking to the other night I think. What she was saying has really got me thinking about taking charge of my own health.

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