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Pain relief


Hi am taking cbd oil for pain relief , as suffering with spondylitis, sciatica and l4-5 anterolisthesis with spinal canal stenosis , as none of pain relief medication is working or agrees with me , I also have graves disease and an under active thyroid and wondered if anyone here is taking cbd oil aswell ?? As some advice would be appreciated . Thank you in advance for taking the time to read

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Hello Sweetpea! I am taking CBD oil. You are welcome to ask and I’ll do my best to answer.

Hi zerendipity , have not been taking cbd for long , am pretty new at it , as was finding conventional medication was not doing anything for me , and most don't even agree with me ( medication ) they give me a bad reaction . At the moment have just started trying the cbd paste that you rub into gums , not very well explained how often I should be doing this so as to get a build up in my system for it to start having some effect , was hoping it would help with pain relief and also help me sleep as my sleep pattern is pretty much none existant

May I ask what brand and strength CBD paste you use? Dosage depends on the strength and the health issues you have.

I have CBD crystals (99,9% purity) and 3% raw CBD+CBDa oil drops and I use these products for my endometriosis pain, anxiety, depression and sleep problems. The oil drops work very well for anxiety and sleep, also restless legs. I was quite surprised how well it worked for panic attacks - Xanax never gave me much relief and also made me groggy. I use 2-3 drops in the morning and before bed. When I was stressed out and experienced panic attacks I used same amount of drops as needed.

During endometriosis flare up I use crystals.

I cannot tolerate ibuprofen, paracetamol, Tramadol without nasty side effects like stomach pains, head aches etc. so this plant oil has been godsend. I use Endoca products.

I am using 2 brands at the moment but not mixing them

1 is from which is 500mg raw cbd oil each dose contains 25mg cbd ( half dropper under tongue )

The 2nd is from cbd brothers which is the green label sativa 14% paste that you put a rice grain sized amount onto your gum for 2-3mins before swallowing , only recently started these , so am unsure how much/how often I should be taking them , dont seem to be getting much relief from pain , but the raw drops are helping with sleep , but only when my pain is not too bad is there possibly any advice you could give me on these please

Thank you for getting back to me , your advice is helpful

You could try to increase the dosage of the paste. I know people who take 20-30% paste a few times a day.

The best form of CBD for pain relief is crystals, next is oil and then paste when it comes to absorption.

From my personal experience I would recommend you to try Endoca, they are certified and the quality level consistent. They also have a Facebook support group with very experienced members that will happily share their experiences and can recommend dosage. I have seen people there who have tried other CBD products with some success and when they switched to Endoca, things really changed for the better. I gave my aunt a little present of Endoca oil and she said it was the best she had tried. She has a connective tissue disorder and other problems, so to me it says a lot when she says something actually works.

I now realised that I sound like I am trying to peddle these products here. I was just so impressed with these after I tried some random health shop CBD oil.

Thankyou for that information , will look into that suggestion , it's good to hear from people who have tried and tested the products , as when you are in accute pain , you tend to grasp at straws even though you don't know the ins and outs , so as said , it's good to hear from people with experiences of products .

By the way ...... what are the crystals ?? Didnt even know you could get cbd crystals , and how do you use them please

Thanks once again , will let you know how i get on

Here’s a link to the crystals and also thorough information about what they are:

I know of people who vape their crystals (you need to mix the crystals into the e-liquid) or use a bong with oils-resins attachment. Since that is way too complicated for me, I chose an easier route by dissolving the crystals in warm coconut oil. You’ll need to calculate the amount of oil you want to use to achieve the desired concentration your mixture, which of course depends on the amount of crystals you have.

Then you can warm the oil in a water bath, add some crystals and stir. You know it’s warm enough when the crystals start to dissolve. Then add the rest of the crystals and stir until they’re dissolved. Pour the precious mixture into a container and seal. I used an empty CBD oil dropper bottle to store my mixture.

Don’t use raw CBDa oil for making the mixture because heat will destroy the properties of CBDa.

I have stopped for now having developed stomach problems ,one of a variety of possible side effects.

Side effects ?? Don't know of any side effects as yet , can you give me some more info please

Google “ “ for benefits and side effects.

Hi Sweatpea, you might look up Somatics, or Hanna Somatic Education, on the web, as it can be very successful dealing with sciatica and a whole range of lower back and postural problems. It is done through gentle movements which help to restore muscle length and remove many issues of chronic pain. Look at, where there is lots of information and also lists of practitioners in the US, Canada, Australia and the UK.

in reply to Zeph43

Hi Zeph43 , thank you for that information , will certainly be having a look at it , and will update you on my findings

I also have graves disease and an under active thyroid

Sorry, but what does that mean? Grave's is over-active thyroid, not under. Have you had the Grave's antibodies tested to confirm Grave's?

Hi grey goose, when I was diagnosed with grAves, i was overactive, but was given iodine treatment which has now made me underactive , and still have graves disease , which at the moment has had a big flare up and am trying to get doctors to do further testing , just finding out a lot more things that I should be doing and should be asking doctors for from the people on this site

But, were your Grave's antibodies ever actually tested to prove you had Grave's? Sounds more to me like you actually had Hashi's. Iodine may reduce production of thyroid hormones slightly, but I doubt it would make you hypo permanently. Surely you're no-longer taking iodine, now, no?

Hi grey goose , no am no longer taking iodine , they burnt it out years ago with iodine treatment . hashimotos is a form of graves disease , have been suffering now for many years , but am only just now finding out a lot more since being on here , as all the doctors never explained anything to me , and being nieve myself , was just happy to be getting treated , am on thyroxine 75mcg daily 100 mcg alternate days as have had a flare up once again , which is effecting everything again, eyes , throat , basically you name it it's been effected even right down to sleep pattern

Oh, I see! You mean you had RAI - Radio-Active Iodine. Not the same thing as just iodine. :) So, yes, you would be hypo, now.

No, Hashi's is not a form of Grave's disease, they are two entirely separate autoimmune diseases.

Sounds to me like you're under-medicated. 75/100 mcg is a very small dose for someone without a thyroid. Do you have copies of your lab results you could post? That's the best way to see what's going on.

But, if you had Grave's antibodies, then you will still have them, and so they could affect your eyes again.

Haven't got lab results yet , am seeing doctor on 4th , didn't even know about all the tests I should be taking , just knew I had to go for blood test once a year to check thyroid , no one in the medical profession has ever sat with me and explained what is happening to me

Am learning a lot more just being on here, never knew about tsh, T4, t3 etc until coming on here and am still learning , am hoping doctor will do the whole spectrum of tests on the 4th , but after reading people's posts on here , am not very confident that this will happen

And might have to go private , as I have already had to pay privately to get a partial mri scan myself because doctors refused to do it

Saying it was too expensive and not cost effective . They were just happy to label me as a "depressed hypochondriac ", but the mri proved them wrong .

Yes, they are disgustingly ignorant. It's a universal problem.

Yes they are very ignorant , but i am so fed up with feeling so Ill, tiredness, fatigue , pain etc etc not being able to sleep , am finding it very hard to cope with it all , hence the question about cbd , what do other people do about lack of sleep and pain levels ?? Again , some advice would be appreciated please

Well, I find that CBD oil helps with sleep. I also take magnesium which helps with sleep if taken in the evening - but best taken at least two hours away from CBD oil and four hours away from thyroid hormone.

But, getting your thyroid hormone optimal will also help with pain and sleep. And you are more than likely under-medicated.

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