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Pain relief advice please ?

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A while ago I had x-rays for pain in my neck and mid back .

It ' kicks off ' every so often and at the moment I am in a lot of pain πŸ˜₯ . The verdict was wear and tear and very little can be done about it .

Obviously paracetamol has no effect and Ibuprofen gives me a rash

I am sitting here in my pj's with a heat pack on my back . Any Ideas for pain relief will be gratefully received .


19 Replies
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Physiotherapy can produce remarkable results, giving you exercises that prevent muscle problems. As is kicks off occasionally it is likely to be something that can be resolved with physio advice. Also make sure you have good vit B12 levels by taking a high dose supplement. B12 plays a major role in nerve conduction, including pain transmission.

Pinkpeony in reply to jimh111

jimh thanks for your reply .

It feels like I have been having physio most of my life after a bump in a car which started my neck problems .

I get b12 injections and also supplement .

Thanks for the advice .

Marz in reply to Pinkpeony

I am using B12 injections for Trochanter Bursitis - works a treat ....

Pinkpeony in reply to Marz

Marz ,I guess two monthly jabs don't cut it .

I really will have to consider self injecting .

Thank you .

Marz in reply to Pinkpeony

Just done mine ! I don't feel the needle going in - really simple and I don't even look. Push the plunger down very gently and slowly. I do mine in the thigh whilst sitting on the bed - that is the only bit that gives a twinge - the fluid going in. Try to warm it up before putting into the syringe :-)

Pinkpeony in reply to Marz

Thank you Marz .

I think a couple of weeks in some hot sun would work as well 😁

Have you tried something like co-codamol? The codeine might up the anti enough to take the edge off. When in lots of pain (lower back, drives me nuts at times) I take Solpadeine - it's paracetamol with codeine (the highest amount of codeine they can sell over the counter at the pharmacy) and I find that works pretty well. Can make you sleepy though.

Longer term, you might find supplementing magnesium citrate and Vit D (if you don't take it already) might help. Magnesium is good for relaxing muscles. Epsom salts (magnesium again) are good in baths.

Have you tried any other NSAIDs other than ibuprofen? Ever tried Naproxen? Again, you can buy a packet of 9 over the counter - think it's marketed for period pain but it's just an anti-inflammatory. Can't promise that it won't make you get a rash but maybe worth a shot.

Pinkpeony in reply to Jazzw

Jazz thank you .

I bought Solpadeine ,tablets not soluble and its not touching it .

It's spasming and its agony . I had to go to a walk in centre a year ago and they gave me Valium plus codeine etc. Unfortunately I have no Valium lol .

Paramol is slightly taking the edge off for the moment .

Thanks for your reply , I will look into your suggestions .

I hope you are ok ! Pp

We use tumeric in the form of Golden paste. It reduces inflammation in many.

Pinkpeony in reply to miglet54

miglet I keep meaning to try this as I have read so much about it .

Do you make it yourself or buy it ?

miglet54 in reply to Pinkpeony

Make it myself. Really easy too.

Pinkpeony in reply to miglet54

Will give it a go miglet .

I find chiropractic treatment helps me. I have an ongoing back problem that sometimes goes into spasm. By seeing a chiropractor for maintenance treatments, and doing gentle Yoga exercises, I can usually keep things from getting too bad. Mine stems from an earlier back injury.

Best wishes


Pinkpeony in reply to MariLiz

Thanks MariLiz

I have had chiropractic treatment in the past

It's just that it was so painful the last couple of days that I was looking for immediate pain relief .

I have been walking around like the hunchback of Notre Dame . x

MariLiz in reply to Pinkpeony

You poor thing. There is nothing worse than constant pain. I take cocodamol tablets for instant help, and because I am on amitriptyline tablets too, my GP said they would increase the effect of the cocodamol. A heat pad is also helpful.

Pinkpeony in reply to MariLiz

My hubby has just brought in some co-codamol we speak .

Hope it works !

Thank you M L

I was going to suggest Epsom Salt baths. You can buy huge sacks of the stuff on Amazon, for your pain I'd try a large amount in the bath, like 1kg, and see if it helps you. You can get bags that size in supermarkets, but of course they charge the earth for it :p

Another thing I've heard about but not looked into yet is Feldenkrais exercises. This is an approach v different to yoga and Pilates that are both about stretching and strengthening muscles. The idea is that your body has learned to walk, reach, move around, etc by trial and error, and has not necessarily found the most effective way to articulate your muscles and bones. These ineffective movements then cause pain and tension. By doing these quite weird exercises you can demonstrate to your body how to do a full range of motion for different movements. Then your body is clever enough to recognize that some of these are better, and to switch over to using the more effective movement in normal life.

Unfortunately this is not a quick solution for today, but might be something to look into as you've tried so many others! You can find videos of routines on YouTube, I find them fascinating. Apparently you only need to repeat them a few times to get relief.

Thank you , sounds fascinating .

Will have to be able to straighten up first lol

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the advice on pain relief .

I had a decent ( for me ) nights sleep and I am walking upright today lol .

I have stored all the suggestions for future reference . Pp

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