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T3 taken a dip

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Hello again! I was back at my GPS in August with very achey calves and eyebrow loss again so we decided to tweak my dose from 125 thyroxin daily to 4 days of 125 and 3 days of 150. My 7 weeks later blood tests have come back as abnormal free T3. The calf pain is still there plus I’ve been having some very upsetting dreams. What should I suggest at my appointment on Monday? Thank you

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I would be suggesting that as my FT3 is below range, then maybe consideration to prescribing T3 is next.

I thought that but chances are incredibly slim. I’ll fight my corner.

What was your FT3 on 125 daily? You obviously have a conversion problem. And no amount of increasing your levo is going to solve that.

It was 3.33 in May 2018 (see earlier post)

So, still under mid-range. You really do need T3. So, if your doctor won't prescribe it, have you considered buying your own?

I have, but would not know where to start. If the dr says no, I’ll be back in touch. I’ve been doing so well, it was a bit of a blow to be under range.

I can imagine. :)

There's no problem with starting T3 - it's as easy as falling off a log - although sourcing it might be more difficult, these days. But, just ask on here. :)

I had a similar problem a few years ago and managed to reverse mine completely but making sure my Vit D, B12, folate and ferritin were optimal and 2 out of the 4 weren't so it took me around 5 months before I was satisfied with my new levels. So very worth while getting those checked on anyway as they help your thyroid to work better as well as general well being. See SeasideSusie's posts re optimal levels and how to supplement. I don't know whether this made a different or not but I don't have antibodies.

That’s a good idea. I supplement with d3, k2, magnesium, Thorne B vitamins and ferrous fumerate but I haven’t had these checks done for a while.

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