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New results


Hi above are my bloods from January and October and here’s a comparison from June and August 29th


T3 1.4 (0.90-2.00)

Tsh 2.3 (0.20-4.00)

T4 17.1 ( 10-20.00)


T3 1.8 (0.90-2.00)

Tsh 2.1 (0.20-4.00)

T4 16.9 (10-20.00)

Liver function test was normal

Since June I’ve been taking 5mg carbizomol

May June July I felt ok almost semi normal and now I’m crashing. Any advice is greatly appreciated

I feel terrible, tight throat, chest pains again and extreme fatigue, I haven’t got out of bed for a week apart from washing up but I feel like I’m carrying lead weights and very low mood. In June/July I did feel better but since September I’m feeling terrible. Some of my levels have gone up and down.

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Hi my anti bodies were checked in April and I have Graves’ disease. What do you mean the underlying reason, stress? Oh yes I’m under a lot at the minute but it’s the fatigue which is hard at the minute

ThyroidJ in reply to ThyroidJ

I feel worse than I did in January x

I eat natural sugars so I’ve bed. Making energy balls made primarily from almonds and dates, or banana cake made with honey and I suck frozen mango. I’ve had a few months where I’ve managed my energy and the sun certainly helped. Now I feel I’ve crashed but I’m going to get vitamin b complex and COD liver oil or omega fish oils to help me. Oh I do drink good espresso coffee with milk and sugar. Thank you for your advice, another favourite is Greek yoghurt with honey and seeds. I do eat conventional sweets but obviously I’m trying in moderation 😊

It sounds as though you need another blood test. You started on 40mg of Carbimazol, and you have gradually decreased to 5mg, which is a big drop. I would think that either 5mg is not enough and you are hyper again, or 5mg is too much and you have become hypo. Try and book a blood test as soon as possible.

Because thyroid issues tend to drain the body of vitamins, try to get tested for Ferririn, iron, B12, D and Folate while you are at it. Post the results, with the ranges, here and someone will comment.

ThyroidJ in reply to eeng

Thank you I decreased my dosage as per the Endocronologist advice and it’s been gradual. I wonder if I’m hyper again my next bloods will be taken next week and yes I’ll post them x I’m taking vitamin D, but I’m thinking of buying vitamin b12 or I did take vitamin b complex would that still be sufficient? Thanks for responding

Rmichelle in reply to eeng

Heelloo😁😁 its not unusual to titrate down, this would be done over months, I started a year ago on a high dose and now I'm on 2.5mgs every other day, eventually reducing again to every 2 days , its all about dosages and different regimes, I agree with you with a possible reduction in meds now.x

Your test results are OK but nor optimol for you Janine, have a look back on your copies and see where you felt good at, OK normal is not acceptable as we can still feel dire, your tsh does look a little too high, your frees could do with a little creeping up 😁👍 you could ask Endo if you could go to 2.5mgs a day or 5mgs one day and 2.5 MG's another day, it would probably make a difference in 8 weeks or so.xx

ThyroidJ in reply to Rmichelle

Hi yes I agree it’s finding what’s opitmal I tried googling today to find out what is optimal. I will ring the endo because I feel shocking

Totally agree the thyroid strives on stress, its a no win situation, mine really loves stress😬😬

Hi Michelle I felt better in June much better than now anyway

Rmichelle in reply to ThyroidJ

If you hace copies of bloods have a look to see where your levels were at, everybody is different, I felt better last October when my frees were 18 and my free3 was mid to high and tsh 1.5.but now my frees are a lousy low level. I think when I give this carbi to every 2 days they will improve.

ThyroidJ in reply to Rmichelle

Well June were the last bloods I had and I felt better, yes I got drained and tired but manageable at the time. Yes if I did too much I had a day in bed but now I’ve felt like this for a week

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