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Coronary artery spasm and thyroid


Hello everyone,

My mom was diagnosed with Graves in Dec 2014, since then it's been a very frustrated experience with the disease. About couple years into the disease, she started experiencing palpitations and eventually afib. Long story short, in Sept 2017, she has a thyroidectomy. Immediately after the surgery, she had severe chest pain, which subsided a few hours later.

After the thyroidectomy, she has a parathyroid problem. She has been taking Rolcatrol and Calcium supplements. She is also on bisoprolol for her afib, which only happened couple of times since the thyroidectomy.

Anyway, our worry is that she is still having chest pressure/pain often. Few days ago, she woke up at 2am with a very bad angina. The hospital did an angiogram for her, and it was very clear. The doctors think her angina was due to coronary artery spasm. I googled about this ... and my mom doesn't have any high cholesterol, high bp, artery blockage, no smoking, alcohol, drugs ...

I'm wondering if anyone had similar situation with a thyroid problem and variant angina due to coronary artery spasm. I read on the link below that it seems like low FT3 can cause that problem?

I have talked to the endo about her low borderline FT3, but the endo does not feel it's a problem.

Thanks for anyone who can shred some lights to this!

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I have an underactive thyroid and I also have variant angina. There is some sort of a connection I believe, but it's also bound up with low magnesium levels and low female hormones after the menopause.

looklane in reply to Ansteynomad

Hi Ansteynomad, were you able to resolve your variant angina?

Ansteynomad in reply to looklane

Not yet. Had the paramedics out again on Friday night.

ling in reply to Ansteynomad

Hi Ansteynomad, how are you doing?

Hi looklane, is your mom doing better? Was a solution found for her chest pressure / pain?

Thank you and God bless

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