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hashimoto muscle tremor


my mom has hashimoto and its been 1.5 years after thyroidectomy ( she had thyroid cancer)

my mom takes levothyroxine ( I dont remember the name of the medicine ) 225 mg

before the thyroidectomy ,1.5 years ago, she had tremors all over her body and NOW too.

she is very weak , she doesnt do anything because of that.

she went to three endo Drs and no one knows . her blood test are :

TSH lower than 0.03

FT3 = 5

FT4= 20

I searched google and didnt find anything usefull to solve those tremors and the weak feeling

the only clue that might be is maby giving her T3 (armor thyroid) but those three endo she went didnt even talk about it , they only care about the TSH

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I note, too, she has had a thyroidectomy due to cancer.

Did she have her blood test at the earliest time and fast (she can drink water). Did she leave about 24 hours from her last dose of levo and the blood test and take it afterwards. This allows the TSH to be higher than having test later in the day. As you say doctors only take notice of the TSH mainly.

Do you have the ranges for the above results. The reason is that labs throughout the country differ in the machines they use so the ranges are different and it helps members to comment.

Unfortunately the guidelines all state that levothyroxine is the 'perfect' replacement but for many of us it isn't. Particularly if you have no thyroid gland at all. This might be helpful and the other link also:


How are her B12 levels - when B12 is very LOW - it can become a neurological condition....scroll down in the link below to see signs and symptoms....


Lior123, Your mothers TSH, FT4 and FT3 look good. I had very bad tremors and other bad reactions after I was switched from T3 to Levothyroxine. Your mother may do better on a lower dose of Levothyroxine plus Liothyronine (T3). I found T3 calmed the adverse effects Levothyroxine caused and am now well on Levothyroxine plus T3. Armour contains thyroxine and T3 so your mother may feel better on it.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


shaws - english isnt my main lang so..sorry if I wrote it poorly.

the FT4 ranges are 10.3 till 19.7 she has 20.3

theFT3 ranges 3.5 till 6.5 she has 4.98

about how she did the test I ll ask her tomorrow.

her Ca-Calcium (B) is 8.5 , the ranges are 8.1 till 10.4 but she takes the amount that feels right since if she takes too much ( although the test labs show its low ) she could get heart problems .

about the Parathyroid glands - two or three glandes were removed ( one were near the throid gland and looked bad so the doctor took it off and the others were done severel years ago)

her B12 levels ar ok its in the middle ranges are 200 till 900 and she has 400

I read about B12 deficiency nad it could be right since she has inflmation in the small intestine its called Ulcerative Colitis

a few more facts- she has diabetes and she takes levemir-insulin

her HbA1C is 7.6 which is over the high range but its ok since she make home food and really healthy food ( we dont eat anything that is fried and so on...)

meaning she is watching her diabetes.

to sum up the backround illness she has:

Ulcerative Colitis

2 or 3 Parathyroid glands that were removed

no thyroid



I just dont know what to do since we went to one doctor who said to her take 175 and thats it , that doctor didnt think or asked how she feels with that dosage.

the second doctor was ok.

and the third doctor told her to take 225 and she is feeling a bit better but isnt it too much ??? and the tremor continues plus she still feels weak


lior, her FT4 is over-range, and her FT3 isn't even mid-range. That means that she isn't converting properly. So, she would most definately benefit from taking some form of T3.

Do you live in the UK? Because it's very, very difficult to get a doctor to prescribe NDT on the NHS. And not much easier to get T3. You might have to start buying your own on internet.

The problem with conversion could be due to having nutritional deficiencies - her B12 could be much higher. Anything Under 500 could cause neurological problems - could be why she has tremours - but optimal is 1000. So, she really needs to supplement there.

I Don't know much about calcium, but I think she should be taking vit K2 with it to make sure the calcium goes into the bones, and not the tissues. But, you might want to ask a separate question about that, because I Don't know about parathyroids.

I didn't see any mention of vit D or ferritin. They are also very important for absorption and conversion of thyroid hormones. So, best to get them tested, too, if you can.

When you get the results, post them here and members will help you sort out suppléments. You won't get much help from doctors, because they know nothing about nutrition.

Also, it doesn't matter how good her diet is, when you are hypo you have difficulty absorbing nutrients, so need to top them up with suppléments. :)


greygoose thank you for the answer

about vit D and ferritin

vit D she has 25 while the range is 20 till 100

ferritin she has 85 when the range is 10 till 120

I dont live in the UK but we have very good health care ,hospitals and doctors( some lol)

what is NDT ? I searched online and found only stuff about industry..could you write the full meaning or explain a bit.


Sorry about that. NDT is Natural Desicated Thyroid. It is made from pigs' thyroids and contains T4 and T3, and possibly other hormones. A lot of people find it is better than just Levo - but, like everything else, it doesn't suit everybody. It's all trial and error with thyroid!

Her vit D is much too low, and that will make her feel bad. It should be at least mid-range.

Ferritin should be higher, too. Most people feel best when it's about 100. So, she should be supplementing those, too.

I Don't know where you live, but ignorance about thyroid is universal, so we have to learn as much as we can about it, so that we can guide our doctors. Try asking for T3 and see what happens. :)


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