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Access to medical records.


At my surgery I am only able to see my appointments and request repeat medication online.

I've been reading old posts here about online access, do I understand access to online medical records/history should have been made available to patients since May 2018?

I ask since I requested (verbally) my medical records quite a few months ago but have heard nothing since. Was told at the time they are held as paper copies 'elsewhere' so it could take a while. I'm not holding my breath, frankly expect my request has been binned.

Earlier this week I requested copies of my tests for the last 18 months... still waiting to hear anything.

I'd like to know what the situation is now regarding obtaining records and test results - either online or as paper copies to help me take the next step? By way of mouth heard the Practice Manager is 'looking into it' re: online access, is this usual?

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I had to fill in a form formally requesting full access online and take it to the surgery with two forms of ID, one photographic, ie passport or photo driving licence.

jib70 in reply to fibrolinda

Hi fibrolinda. I had to do that also, but my surgery seems behind the times as it's only repeat prescriptions and appts that are available online with them.

fibrolinda in reply to jib70

After the initial request for patient access online... Form to fill etc I also could only book appointments and do repeat prescription requests so wrote to practice manager who sent me a different form to fill in and take in. I think they try to make it as difficult as possible 🙄

helvellaAdministrator in reply to fibrolinda

It is illegal for them to demand a form to obtain your information as a subject access request. (As distinct from online access.)

Have a really good read of this link:

Any request should be fulfilled within one month.

jib70 in reply to fibrolinda

Oh that is interesting fibrolinda. I've been led to understand my practice just hasn't got round to putting records online yet, but perhaps I should write to the Practice Manager - asking/demanding? Don't want to alienate the Practice though.....

SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to jib70

Some genuinely can't give access yet, others are more likely dragging their heels

You should push for either access online or printed copies ....they can not just ignore your request

jib70 in reply to SlowDragon

Thanks SlowDragon. I worry that I am being difficult in asking for my records, and that puts me off persisting with the request.

Just discovered from an unconnected Consultant's report ccc'd to me that my history includes being diagnosed as hyperthyroid 10 years ago. Noone told me that, never been treated either to my knowledge - tho' was given Carbimazole for several months years ago then taken off it, but ignorantly never asked why.

I am trying hard to become more informed now, and find out what I can.

How long is a reasonable wait for full medical records that are not yet online do you think?

SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to jib70

They should get back to you within a month - see first link

jib70 in reply to SlowDragon

Thank you.

Hidden in reply to jib70

maybe that's why it's so difficult for people to get full access, scary really that it's made so difficult

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