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Online access to NHS medical records and test results

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Wow.. They don't make it easy do they!!

I've been in 4 times to ask for the form for online access. Each time I've been told that they don't know where the forms are.

Went in again today, they gave me the wrong form so had to fill out two forms. Receptionist was really snotty with me about it. She told me I should take the form home and carefully read the Ts & Cs on the back as my GP may not give permission for me to have access!!

I only want to be able to access my test results so I don't have to wait on hold for 15 mins for my results to be read out to me. I don't have time


wonder how long it will take them to get back to me, apparently I have to wait for the gp to write to me to let me know.... Well that's a good use of their time!!

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Tell them they're sailing very close to the wind in regards to breaking the Data Protection Act.

That usually makes thwm poo their pants - cause it's true and could mean a hefty fine.

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Hello Primrose Star, my surgery says they don't allow patients online access. Are you sure there is an obligation? My practice allows you to go in and look at your notes on the screen for a fee of £15 and I suspect they would only allow a very short time. I'd be very pleased if you were right because £15 a time just to see test results is a lot!

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Silver_Fairy in reply to thyr01d

I thought that any charge was for paper/printing etc. Why are they charging for allowing you to look at a screen?

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thyr01d in reply to Silver_Fairy

Silver_Fairy, and MollieMoo please excuse us conversing in your post, the surgery simply tells me they have a right to charge for viewing.

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Silver_Fairy in reply to thyr01d

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Thank-you Silver_Fairy, my practice charge £15 for each viewing.

Since you haven't suffered any abuse and have not got serious mental illnesses there is no reason for the GP to refuse.

Unfortunately if they do you would have to take them to court as clearly they have put some lies on your records.

Oh and it's always a good idea when people in organisations are being difficult to request things in writing mentioning the time(s) you also asked in person. That way if you do need to go to a regulator you have proof.

do all drs have to do this?

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Molliemoo1 in reply to mandy72

Provide online access? Yes, they do now... Since April I think

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mandy72 in reply to Molliemoo1

i have online access where i can book prescriptions and book appointments and thats it

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bluebug in reply to mandy72

So do I.

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thyr01d in reply to mandy72

Me too.

Write a letter of complaint to the Practice Manager and recommend that Receptionists receive proper training rather than giving out incorrect information to patients.

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Good idea cinnamon_girl unless our practices are not obliged to do this, I have checked online on the NHS website and I can't find anywhere that there is an obligation to allow us to see our notes.

Not available in Wales.....:(

Hi Molliemoo - my surgery is the same! I've been requesting simply to be able to book appointments directly online since before Christmas!

Don't think my surgery would ever allow us to see our notes.

I suppose many people give up which saves them the trouble.

Some GPs have given online access to their patients’ GP records for some time. From April 2015 all GPs should give their patients online access to summary information in their records.

I understood that all GP's had to go on line re patients. However, you can do repeat prescription, makes appts and just a diagnosis of your visits. But, you can't see the rest what Dr's wrote. Also you can't see the test results.

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