Registration & photo id for online access to GP medical records, prescriptions & appointments

GP practice has emailed to say the existing facility for ordering repeat prescriptions online is being withdrawn end of April (they don't accept telepone repeat prescription requests) and it will be necessary to register for online access to order scrips, book appointments and access medical records. Registration is via a paper form accompanied by photo id and proof of address to be handed into reception and details how to create an account will be sent via letter.

Has anyone successfully registered without photo id? I don't have a photo id, no drivers licence and passport expired, and unwilling to shell out to renew either just to register.

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  • I've not heard of this, so cannot comment.

  • ThyroidThora, it was supposed to be up and running on 1st April but there have been delays due to getting computer programming in place.

  • Surely an expired passport is still valid as proof of identity? Assuming your appearance hasn't changed dramatically since the picture was taken?

  • HB, I've been refused use of an expired passport in the past. I may even have shredded it. Appearance sure hasn't improved since the picture was taken :(

  • When my registration was processed, they asked for my passport. Took it in and they seemed to photocopy it and gave it back. Really don't know what would have happened if I hadn't got one or mine had been out of date. There have been situations in which out-of-date passports have been acceptable, even on occasion for travel-related things. And I could have used my driving licence.

    Your question is very important and I'd like to know the real answers.

    My registration has currently added the ability to make appointments with one doctor, on Wednesday mornings only, at the other branch of the surgery at which I am registered. (And I am not allowed to make appointments there.) Other than that, no access to records, no other facilities - yes, I can order repeat prescriptions, but I already could!

  • Helvella, I'll let you know what happens. Some sort of acccomodation is necessary otherwise people like me are effectively disenfranchised.

  • no vote?

  • I am going back to the good old days when we didn't have photo licences and few had a passport. If we had to get proof of our identity we had to go to someone in authority, eg doctor, policeman, priest, magistrate etc who had known us for a long time. They would sign the back of a photo to say this was you. Perhaps your gp could do this for your registration? :-p

  • Rod, seeing as how physicians have zero customer service skills, how do they behave when they go shopping? Rhetorical question, of course. But it makes me wonder, are they major jerks when dealing with store clerks or people in the service industry whose income depends on good customer service? Are they behaving like they are entitled or what?

    Okay, I'm just pissed off on behalf of Clutter who is probably not pissed off just trying to manoever through the next bureaucratic minefield.

  • Gabi, I'm not blaming GPs for this but the bureaucrats who deem photo id is necessary for me to prove I am me. I appreciate security and confidentiality are key but many UK citizens have old style non-photo drivers licences and many don't have passports or like me have expired passports which might possibly do if I can find it and haven't shredded it.

    How's your eye?

  • Thanks for asking. It's doing excellently. I can see clearly. Hallelujah.

    Don't shred your old passports. They are great souvenirs. I have my daughters' baby passports and they were so cute when they were little.

  • Gabi, Clutter is my state of being, not just a username. Occasionally there is a huge flurry of tidying and clearing out stuff though.

  • LOL! Sounds familiar. Can we use hypothyroidism as an excuse? LOL! And caring for pets. Must not forget that. Which in re: the cat with pancreatitis, touch wood, she's been off all meds for two weeks and behaving like her usual self: cuffing the other cats at mealtimes. She really is a sweet creature. With me, at least.

    Honestly, I'm almost euphoric tonight after going through the eyeball thing. The weather is beautiful, the sky is blue and I can see it in focus. A blessing.

  • Gabi, I'm missing the tidyness gene, except when I'm on holiday or a guest in someone's home, then I'm obsessively tidy.

    I'm glad Scipicat has recovered. My poor Bruno has a loose cruciate ligament in his left hind and is limping like a crock. Vet said rest and patience is required to avoid an op. Poor boy has cabin fever and will be restricted to walking on the lead for months when he is allowed out. Teddy does his best to exploit Bruno's vulnerability and bully him but 3 good legs mean Bruno soon puts him in his place which is on his back hurling abuse and whining. My temper is very stretched at times.

  • I didn't realize there could be so much drama in a multi dog household. Makes having six cats sound like a doddle.

    Over here, there are leash laws except for dog offleash areas. I think the dogs are going stir crazy. They do need to run. Understandable that the poor guy is getting cabin fever. Plus you have an earlier spring and I'm sure all those lovely tantalizing smells are driving him around the bend.

  • Gabi, so far dogs are allowed off lead in most parks except in children's playgrounds. I don't trust them not to chase a cat, bird or anything that takes their fancy so they're kept on lead on the street until they're in the park. I watched their mother jump out of the car window under the wheels of another car. I never want to see such a thing again. Dog was terribly injured and took months to recover and the poor driver who luckily was driving slowly was traumatised. Too many people around here allow their dogs off lead on the street. I don't like it as I feel leashed dogs are at a disadvantage when an unleashed dog approaches, even in a friendly manner, and you can't always guarantee that the approach is friendly.

  • Hi Clutter - have you checked out cruciate ligament problems in doggies - I found it was associated with being Hypo and some breeds more prone than others !!

    I found this out prior to my Dog having to have surgery for her cruciate ligament - which was very successful - and she made a good recovery ! Yes she is Hypo too - diagnosed after her tail hair fell out and her muzzle was bald....

    So that's all three of us :-)

  • Marz, I haven't checked it out yet, but will do. He dashed off into some bushes and came back limping so we thought he'd pulled a muscle or something. Absolutely no hypo signs. They're JR x Springer with a dash of Yorkie in 'em, very lively dogs although they've slowed down as they're over 12.

  • I know from my own experiences that being hypo prevented my muscles from stretching and hence relaxing - especially noticeable during yoga. They were so low on energy. So easy to pull muscles/tendons when they do not stretch on exertion. Our dog chased a cat off HER olive grove and came back limping !!

    Your doggies sound great cross breeds so am sure they are fine. I once had a Yorkie that made it to 16. Present doggie will be 11 this year .....the years are racing by :-(

  • Marz, their JR x Yorkie mother will be 17 soon. She is deaf, blind, has a heart murmur and failing kidneys and is kept going on various heart and kidney tablets and monthly B12 shots. Teddy, has so many of Jenny's traits and mannerisms but Bruno has none.

  • ...they sound a sweet family :-)

  • Lol, dysfunctional. Bruno was Jenny's favourite and she tried to mother and get him to suckle when he towered over her. Bruno wasn't interested. Teddy is very like Jenny but Jenny doesn't like Teddy. They haven't seen each other since I stopped driving.

  • Ah that's a shame - families eh ? :-)

  • What makes the whole thing so stupid is that say you needed a new passport and to have your photograph verified it is you, they would accept the doctor's signature - the very same doctors who are asking you to produce a photograph to verify who you are. The world has gone mad!!!!

  • Too right! Try renewing your passport abroad! (Except for Ireland, had a great experience there.) They behave as if you're still in England, and expect the person that signs your photo to be able to speak perfect English!

    And now, I've got to jump through hoops to get my pension sent over here, I have to prove I'm me again, although they've been sending me my pension here for ten years! So, this afternoon, my poor bank manager is going to have to try and perform this idiot task for me because I Don't have a local Justice of the Peace at hand! So, bloody stupid! In France, land of bureaucracy, you just have to produce your latest gas bill!

  • And don't GP's charge for signing passport photos - perhaps thats the reason - income generation for GPs !!! 😊

  • Aurealis, that would be novel, GP charging for photo id to prove my identity for access to my medical records.

  • I am in just your situation, Clutter. They haven't thought this through, have they? Again.

    Of course, this state of affairs is a great advocate for compulsory ID cards ... do you see them now? Galloping towards us??

  • I would say yes,they do behave like major jerks! My last doctor was the most hated man in our town (actually, I liked him, but I've always been perverse). Not only was he horrible to his patients, but in the local shops, they used to hide when they saw him coming. He was rude, nasty and always complaining. Nothing was ever right for him.

    Just one example, but I think it follows that if you are a jerk in one area, the odds are you'll be a jerk in the rest!

  • Is your surgery contactable by phone at all now? Emergencies only? Not every patient will be online, so how will those without computer access (the elderly, people on low incomes, etc.) be able to order repeat prescriptions?

    My GP practice isn't contactable by email, at all!

  • Hillwoman, the surgery is contactable by phone but doesn't accept repeat prescription ordering by phone. Currently they may be ordered by written request in the order form box, by post, by email (not available if I don't register for the new system) and scrips can be collected in person or emailed to the local pharmacy of your choice.

  • Clutter, sorry I misunderstood part of what you said. Well, at least your surgery still accepts written requests for repeats.

    The photo ID requirement could be a problem for people. I'm another who doesn't have a current passport and my driving licence is as old as sin, so no photo.

  • I successfully registered last year, using my 20-year-old passport!

  • SmallBlueThing, I may have shredded my expired passport. I'll be looking for some non photo id accomodation. All sorts of other proof of id I can provide.

  • I'd always managed to avoid the necessity for photo ID in the past, so was surprised on the surgery's insistence, and even more surprised when they said they'd accept my old'un. Not much help to those without...

  • I have had access to appointments, prescriptions and medical records on line for quite a while via Patient Access. I didn't have to provide photo ID. Maybe it's just your surgery wanting to be careful. Have a chat with them and they may be able to work something out for you. This access makes life a bit easier especially with any results being visible to me, I don't have to ring up for them. Some people may not like that though as it means you could see bad news before the Dr has spoken with you and explained.

  • Sewnsew, yes I intend asking them what will be done to accommodate patients like me. I do hope they will be reasonable. I won't let it go if they aren't but I'd rather use my energies on other things than battling to get access. Before email consultant's letters were often given to patients to deliver to their GP. I've been opening them for years before the doctor saw them so I'm not worried about bad news not being delivered by the GP. I prefer to research a little before talking to the GP. I suspect distressing results won't be approved for upload until the GP has seen the patient.

  • I do this everyday - formerly CRB check now DBS - just proof of identity - brother had trouble as passport expired. (I still have an old driving licence - no photo - ha!)

    use to be 2 from group a 1 from group b. We do have reluctance being here don't we?

    I'm looking forward to accessing blood tests without begging...

  • Spare, my thyroid blood tests are via endo/hospital so I'll still have to wait until consults before I see results. Never any problem, I ask, he tells or gives me a printout. I went 11 months without seeing the GP and was finally driven to by infected chilblains in December. It'll be a pain in the butt if I can't order repeat prescriptions via email though.

  • Hi Clutter. Chilblains! Ugh! Been suffering with them since November. Are they thyroid related, PA/b12 related, both? Anything you've tried that has helped with them? Many thanks x

  • Hi Iris 13, In relation to Chilblains I find that Arnicare works. It is arnica cream, a natural first aid for treating bruises. Thanks

  • Iris, my sympathies. I think it is more to do with circulation than thyroid or PA/B12. I don't have PA but circulation has always been poor. Mine started in November too. Would heal, peel and then flare up again. Got to recognise the signs well and take antihistamines before the itching got too bad and I scratched them. The skin is just finishing peeling after the last lot and the discolouration is improving but the joint of the pinkie is still a little swollen and tender when bent.

  • Thanks, Clutter. I thought they might be related because I never had them before in my life until after diagnosed hashi/PA. Either way, such a pain! 😫

  • Iris, I've been hypothyroid for 3 years and this is the first time I've had them and I fervently hope I don't get them again.

  • Hi Clutter

    Ammonia works. This can B obtained easily doesn't cost, got it.

    I can't say any more.

  • Thanks for this link. I was able to confirm that my GP practice will not be offering online patient access.

  • I have also registered for Patient Access without need proof of Id or photo id. I called my surgery & they said they would prepare paperwork as each patient has a login number & password to initially get into system.

    My GP's surgery offers a walk in service every morning, where it is usually the same doctors on same days, though people start queing at 8am especially after holiday closures, but good if you have woken up feeling awful & want to see someone straight away. All doctors also do at least 1 night appointment only service. I went yesterday & this morning had to book X-ray at local hospital & doc said come back week to 10 days after I have had X-ray so found it brilliant to have patient access open on my laptop & as soon as I came off phone from X-ray department booked follow up dr's appointment for 2 weeks after.

    I hope you are able to sort out access to site without the need for photo or if they will accept something else. It's so much easier if surgery has closed & ive forgotten to order my repeat prescription to nip on at 4am to order lol.

  • Ksmiles2012, thank you. I'll be pleasantly surprised if my practice makes it that easy to register, but I'm hoping they will. We have to book appts using the auto tel service between 6-8am or via reception from 8. The allocated slots are usually gone within minutes. Walk in seems more sensible for urgent appts to me even if it means waiting a long time. One doesn't plan illness after all.

  • I registered at my GP without a photo ID, no problem. Although they have changed their procedures just recently. If I hadn't had a passport I don't know what I would do either.

  • Bus pass worked for me.the downside is the age to have one.

  • I don't qualify yet, Treepie. Hope it doesn't take until then to register for online access :)

  • I registered for the online 'patient access' about a year ago. The process didn't run very smoothly but at no point was I asked for photo identification.

  • Hi

    I'm registered for online repeats. I only needed proof of address with two bills.

    I also do not drive, I find photo IDs really difficult. I did however renew my passport for that purpose but the doctors never requested it.

    Surely the doctors should know who you are especially if like myself you require continued medication.

    All the best with this.

  • Willow, I didn't need to register for ordering repeat prescriptions but that service will be withdrawn when they switch to the new system.

  • I just telephone my local pharmacy and ask for a repeat prescription and they do the rest and tell me when it will be ready. They will even deliver it to home address if requested. Thankfully I don't need that part of the service. I have to say that my GP is delightful, very friendly and helpful.

  • Nanj51, Thank you, I'd totally forgotten that my pharmacy offer that service too.

  • I have used my oldies bus pass, which has a photo!

  • Crimple, I'm hoping I won't have to wait until I get a bus pass :)

  • I find this interesting in that here in Somerset they've rolled out e-prescriptions that you register for at the pharmacy. No photo id was needed, just a paper form to fill in.

  • Dave, I've been ordering prescriptions via the practice webform without registration but they are withdrawing the facility end of April when they switch to the online access system which requires registration.

  • I just needed ID. No photo. Took Council Tax bill. Thought I might as well get some use out of it. Lol

  • Oh dear, Clutter - this is just clearly your GP surgery's way of ensuring that you know you are a figment of your own imagination. No photo ID? Then you do not exist!

    Maybe the system needs a thyroid blood test, as the brain fog is obviously pretty serious if they don't realise that not everyone has photo ID.

  • BeansMummy, I think the requirement has been instituted by NHS England rather than GP practices. I just hope mine won't be difficult about registering without photo id. They've had enough blood out of me to do a DNA check of identity :-D

  • I think as mentioned council tax bill,energy bills,credit card and bank statements ought to be sufficient as they attach name to address.

  • I can understand why they would want ID if they're handing it to you in person, but I wonder if they'd consider posting the login details to your home address? After all, banks are happy to post PINs etc. Might be worth asking.

    Edit: forget that, just reread your post and they intend to post the details but need ID anyway...

  • Acc1, the registration form requires photo id and proof of id/address which I hand to reception. The login and password details are then sent by letter to my home address.

  • Gorblimey, having gone through the registration process and getting logged in, I now find that the EMIS help says:

    How do I view my medical record?

    ← Patient Access - Medical Record

    If your practice offers this service there is a link called View your medical record in the Medical Record section of the home page after you have signed in. This area of the site requires an extra sign in process so you will have to request details from your practice to gain access.

    So, currently, I can sign into my surgery website, get linked to EMIS and sign in to that, and now I find there is a THIRD layer of sign in. Absolute-bloomin-lutely incredible.

    Nothing I have previously seen has suggested that I need to do anything else to get access to my records. It looked as if all I had to do is wait for them to sort it out. This is a surprise.

  • Helvella, it's almost as if they don't want you to access your records :-D

    There are 3 tickboxes on my registration form to select:

    Booking Appts

    Ordering repeat prescriptions

    Access medical records

    Then a further 6:

    I have read and understood the information leaflet

    provided by the practice (presumably available at rcpn.)

    I will be responsible for the security of the information that I see or download

    If I choose to share my information

    with anyone else, this is at my own risk

    I will contact the practice as soon as possible if I suspect that my account has been accessed by

    someone without my agreement

    If I see information in my record that is not about me or is inaccurate, I will contact the practice

    as soon as possible

    I agree that the practice may contact me by email in relation to my medical matter

    The information was emailed to me :-D

  • I love the bit:

    "If I see information in my record that is not about me or is inaccurate, I will contact the practice"

    I actually had a little laugh by myself at that!

  • Beansmummy, I spotted something 16 months ago when I got a copy of my paper records. Haven't done anything about it but I will. If all records are so sloppy they'll be inundated with corrections.

  • I shall go through mine with a red pen, make the corrections and, if I am feeling particularly generous, might give them 6/10 for trying.

  • Beansmummy, Your Levothyroxine will then be slashed to 1/4 of your current dose and you'll be treated to punishment enemas :-D

  • I will be impressed if they make any decision by themselves to change my levothyroxine dosage – there is usually total panic at any suggestion I should do that unless the endo writes it in triplicate.

    And they definitely won’t suggest an enema because that will involve referring me to someone else, and they don’t like that either.

    I can't believe I am writing about enemas at 2.10am.

  • Beansmummy, you've got their number, mark 'em down and corrrect their grammar and spelling too :-D

    I'm off to bed now, nunite.

  • Yep, time for bed (said Zebedee). He clearly didn’t suffer from insomnia.

  • I have Clutter and using it successfully

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