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HELP !How can i Get Gp to start trial of thyroxine for hypothyrodism specialist appointment 6 weeks private 5weeks !

Hi everyone please could anyone help here i am again with many ongoing horrible symptoms of hypothyroidsm after having a baby and feel shocking and ill! has anybody got some good advice for me I went last week after speaking to you all back to my lady gp armed with recent blood tests thyroid uk guidlines symptoms was very calm she was very nice and says it looks very much like underactive thyroid this time but i was within range and she would consider a trial of thyroxine but would not want to send me hyper and would not give me any trearment? so refered me to specialst ! only problem soonest appointments is 6 weeks away and i struggle to get through the day never mind 6 week and going private is 5 weeks at moment as dr on holidays typical. here are my recent blood tests just for a idea with ranges i decided to have a blue horizon private test done sat to so have included those but t the ranges are diffrent to gp ones

20/07/13 tsh 9.77 mU/L (0.02-6.00) free t4 9.0pmol/L range(8.0-18.0)

24/07/13 tsh 5.56mu/l (0.02-6.00) free t4 8.5pmol/l range 8.0-18.0

antibodies 0.6u/ml re f0. 0-.9.0

blue horizon

6/08/13 tsh 9.55miu/l range 0.27-4.2 free t4 9.6 pmol range 12.0- 22.00

(dr comments: " if Your not already taking thyroxine this almost certainly represents s new diagnosis of under active thyroi dgland as antibody test is postive autoimmune thyroid disease is likley to be the cause)please discuss with your doctor .

where can i go from here? i thought i had a strong case and even stronger now with my new blood results and the comments iv not taken these results to dr yet please can anybody advise can i demand treatment on these facts

thanks so much for your time


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I wonder if you could see another GP in your surgery who would at least give you a trial of thyroxine till you see the Endocrinologist.

He/she may give you a therapeutic dose of levothyroxine especially as this occurred after birth of your baby.

Take your Blue Horizon's results. The ranges will differ as labs throughout the country use different ones (have no idea why) but the fact that you have clinical symptoms with a TSH of nearly 10 should warrant action. Antibodies being present too is positive.

Levothyroxine is a synthetic hormone to replace thyroxine which your gland is obviously not sending out.

This is a list of results for comparison

Tell him or her to phone an Endocrinologist for advice if they wont prescribe otherwise you will have to go to the A&E with your results. You cannot wait another four weeks. I think a complaint is due once you are sorted out.


thanks shaws this s very helpful thanks you really are a star again thanks for all your help with this matter i def will be writing a complaint i will sort a appointment out with another doctor iv dealt with before

sara x


Eltroxine and Thyroxine - anyone on either - or both - experienced a difference, or one a generic of sorts for other? And, of interest, anyone tried simple organic Kelp?


Hi coetzeegisela

I would recommend you put your question on a new post as it will get lost within another's question. Kelp - out of the question.

Eltroxin you may still be able to get but it is not being produced anymore, I understand.

This is a list


Hi Sara,

Sorry to hear you are feeling rough.

I agree with shaws. Go back to a different GP and take the results. Point out that your TSH is over 9 and complain about how awful you feel. You should not have to wait 6 weeks with blood tests like this.

Best of luck.

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thanks angellus iv booked a appointment armed with my results for monday im taking my pop up tent and as im not leaving till they sort me iv had enough



wow, you are very hypothyroid. You need to try and get your GP to prescribe thyroxine. You could try persuading her, find a new GP or get your GP to write to a specialist for advice if an appointment is so far away. Get a copy of Dr tofts book to help you persuade your GP. She might have more confidence to treat you if she sees that.

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thanks natalie iv got the book on the way as we speak i have had bit of good news iv been trying to find out about past blood results had a phone call from liverpool womens and managed to get hold of a thyroid test i had done april 2012 and i feel so fortunate i was able to get hold of this here they are just for bit of info

tsh 2.4

ft4 14.3

so this is what i needed this should put the icing on the cake as this test was done when i was in pretty good health and the diffrence in the tsh and the ft4 is huge so i cant see how the can refuse me now fingers crossed wsih me luck xx


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