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Doc is going to love these results!


I have a good Doctor here in Calgary. He is cautious but willing to learn! I was diagnosed Hypo in late 2017 and have Hashimotos. Started synthroid 75 Mcgs. Increase to 88 mcgs. Felt better but not normal. All vitamins are up to optimal Now taking Cytomel 12.5 mcgs TID and feeling great. My question is does T4 play a role. ? Do I need it when on T3. My current results are. TSH 0.02. 0.20-4. Low. Free T4. 9.8. 10.0 -25.0. Low. Total T3 2.2. 1.1--2.8

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I'm not sure anyone can answer that question with any certitude. Some people say it does play a role, others say it's just a storage hormone. But, more importantly, some people feel better when taking some T4 with their T3, and others feel worse. And others don't feel any difference. So, my opinion is that it shouldn't be forced on anyone, it should be up to the individual whether they take it or not.

Unfortunately, your doctor hasn't done the right tests. The TT3 gives you no useful information. It's the FT3 (Free T3) that you need done. But your TSH and FT4 are almost bound to be low when taking T3, and if he prescribed it, he should know that. :)

LAHs in reply to greygoose

Yes, that is all a bit of a mystery. I read somewhere a couple of years ago that the brain likes to make it's own T3 for itself and that it is easier for T4 to cross the blood brain barrier than for T3. Although some mental disorders have been successfully treated with T3 for a hundred years. But we have a long way to go before this is cleared up.

greygoose in reply to LAHs

Yes, I heard that too. But, I've also heard that that's rubbish. The T3 can cross the blood-brain barrier as easily as T4. Even so, it might prefer to convert its own, I don't know. I don't think I had any problems with my brain when I was on T3 only. So, it remains a mystery, as far as I'm concerned.

Iodine1 in reply to greygoose

Thank you both for your helpful replies. I saw my Dr today and he was not concerned to much with the T3 level. He saw straight away that a total free T3 had been done when agree T 3 had been ordered This is our labs. Since April the Lab will refuse to do full panels if TSH normal. Private tests are available. However does not explain T3. Doctor asked how I was feeling and went by that criteria not the Lab results. He did suggest synthroid 25 mcgs added to the mix and repeat correct bloods in a month Thank you so much for answering what may have seen a trite question. I must tell you that I read every post and have learnt so much. In my past life I was a Director of Nursing but knew so little about the Thyroid. Again thank you

greygoose in reply to Iodine1

If you feel great on what you're taking, don't mess with the dose. Leave it alone. If you start having symptoms, then try something different, but don't try and fix it if it ain't broke! :)

If you are taking T3 then the labs should be testing it! Now if on the correct dose your TSH should be suppressed and FT4 can fall so by that then the only two things they are testing wouldn't be classed 'normal' so it will be interesting to see what they do in the future! Front your point of view FT3 should be high in the range but never over so how are they going to know where you are if they don't test it! I was told FT3 is the only accurate reading!

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