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Switching from Metavive II to T4/T3?

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Hi all. Thank you to this group for all the help and advice that you give us. This morning I had an endocrinologist appointment and it went so well. Essentially the endocrinologist I saw agreed that I have issues converting T4 to T3 and levothyroxine alone was keeping my THS and FT4 levels at optimum but my T3 level was too low. This has been a long and gruelling journey to get to this point and I’m so happy right now but could also cry. I gave up my job and was diagnosed and treated for ME/ CFS. The last few years have almost broken me at times but this group has had a massive impact on me. Thank you again.

I have been taking metavive II for the last few months, have changed to a strictly gluten free diet and take a range of supplements and feel so much better. My endocrinologist said that he would be willing to prescribe me T3 to go alongside Levothyroxine/T4 but that it might not be as cost effective as the metavive that I’m currently taking. Putting the money issue aside, i’m not sure if I should stick with metavive or trial T4/T3. Has anyone else experienced this? I’d be grateful for any advice from this fantastic group.

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That's a difficult one.

Metavive ll has a set amount of hormone - although they can't guarantee the hormone content as it's a glandular, it's safe to assume that whatever the hormone content is then it suits you well.

Synthetic Levo plus T3 gives greater flexibility for tweaking doses to get the perfect combination for you.

If you feel well on Metavive ll it might be better to stick with it.

I assume your endo wont prescribe T3 on the NHS but wants you to fund it yourself?

You might want to compare cost of Metavive to Levo plus T3, and factor in that you have to start with guessing the amounts you will need and work towards getting the perfect dose.

Considering the cost, and difficulty getting T3 - and bear in mind that after we leave the EU we are unlikely to be able to send prescriptions for T3 to Germany as at present - Metavive might be the way to go.

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Emma1234567 in reply to SeasideSusie

Thank you Susie. I am inclined to agree that since I feel well on metavive and it is relatively inexpensive that it might be best to stick with it. However, the chance to tweak the T3 to T4 ratio sounds good too. For now I’m being re-tested for TSH, T3 and T4 to see what my actual hormone levels are now I feel better and the endocrinologist said we could go from there. Thank you again.

Hi Emma, I've been adding Metavive to a reduced dose of levo for a year now. I knew I needed some T3 and wasn't up for the fight and necessary hoop jumping, only to most likely be denied it.

In the main I feel pretty good on it, with a good few weeks of terrific 😀 in the mix. I tweak my dose by combining Met I and II (as easier than splitting the capsules) and adjusting levo. I also get my own bloods through Medicheck and the usual supplements recommended by the helpful peeps on here.

Hope that's helpful. Best wishes.

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Thank you Solstice. I did get a similar thing to you but eventually came off Levo altogether and now just take metavive which has really improved my symptoms (combined with the gf diet and supplements). I honestly thought that an endo wouldn’t help me with T3 as I saw one twice some years back and he suggested that I had CFS/ME once he ruled out Addison’s Disease. I discussed that with my new endo today and he said that the previous endo doesn’t believe in T3 but that they just agree to differ. Just thought I’d mention that in case you ever do want to try. I honestly know what you mean though about the loops that we have to jump through. The whole thing nearly broke me. But surprisingly I even got an apology from today’s endo for the long, arduous process. Miracles apparently do happen!

I may just stay on the metavive as I do feel better but will check the costings of T3 before I rule it out. Also, the thought of trialling T4/T3 and poss not feeling well again until I reach the right level doesn’t make me that excited either. Thanks for replying. Hope you continue to feel well 😊

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Your success with the new endo - that's truly worth hearing😊

To be honest if the Metavive hadn't worked I'd have had to try adding T3 myself - nothing is straightforward on the hypo path is it!

I know what you mean the trialling can take months, so a difficult decision, especially if you're pretty good on the Metavive. Tough one. X

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Huddy1234 in reply to Emma1234567

Hi Emma,

Glad to hear you’re feeling well now - gives some hope to all of us.

I see my first Endo last Saturday, he was very thorough and sent me for blood tests I know I haven’t had before.

I go this Saturday for results.

Out of curiosity, how much does metavive cost you if you don’t mind me asking?

I maybe told that I don’t convert too so would like to gather as much info as possible.

Thank you

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Emma1234567 in reply to Huddy1234

Hi, metavive costs around £25 for 90 capsules, so depending on how many you require determines the cost. For me it’s around £2/ day. Hope that helps and you get some answers on Saturday.


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