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Private blood test results


Had a private blood test results attached. All have come back in range. A little disappointed as my hair is still falling out so bad. My T3 is the only reading which looks a little low.

Can anyone add any comments on the readings.


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Well, they may be 'in-range', but your FT3 is much too low. Your FT4 is just over mid-range, but your FT3 is right down the bottom of the range, so you are a poor converter. And it's low T3 that causes symptoms, so not surprising you're still having them.

Your B12 is very high - are you supplementing? But, your folate is a bit on the low side.

sheppars in reply to greygoose

Is this a case of T3? I am supplementing b12 I stopped taking vit d for the test. Going to get folate supplements.

Feel if I take this to go they will say all in range as per usual.

greygoose in reply to sheppars

If you are supplementing B12 then the test will be skewed. You'd have to stop taking it for 5 months to get a true reading.

Your FT3 is too low for good health.


Your FT3 is very low.

There's no vitamin D result. Have you had this tested at all. If not you need to test

your B12 is extremely high, but folate very low. Are you supplementing B12?

sheppars in reply to SlowDragon

Yes supplements for b12 will take folate now. as well.

SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to sheppars

Would suggest you change to a good quality daily vitamin B complex. One with folate in not folic acid

This helps keep all B vitamins in balance

What about vitamin D?


How much Levo are you currently taking?

Is it always same brand?

Your dose may not be high enough and you are very poor converter

GP will only consider TSH and FT4 which look good but FT3 is too low

Taking Levo at bedtime can be more effective

Getting vitamins optimal is first step

Some find low magnesium or low zinc affects haIr

If vitamin D is low, often magnesium is too. Testing magnesium is unreliable

Look at strictly gluten free diet if just vitamins doesn’t fix it

And/or DIO2 gene test - see Thyroid Uk website for link

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