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Hi everyone,

Looking for advice.

I have recently had my thyroid tested and have results of TSH 3.1 and Free T4 at 15.

My doctor is saying this is normal but I feel anything but normal. I am always tired, suffer with lack of concentration, brain fog, heavy periods (have been tested and had surgery for endometriosis - nothing found). I also struggle to loose weight no matter what I try.

Am I actually hypo? or am I normal?

Thanks in advance.

5 Replies
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A TSH of 3.1 shows that your thyroid is struggling but wont get you a diagnosis unfortunately.

Do you have the range for FT4, ranges vary from lab to lab and there's no way of knowing if yours is low or high. My GP's lab range is 7-17, yet we often see 9-19 and 12-22, so we can't interpret your result without the range from your lab.

Unfortunately, TSH and FT4 aren't the full picture. FT3 would be useful, so would thyroid antibodies - Thyroid Peroxidase and Thyroglobulin and if either of those antibodies are raised then you are looking at autoimmune thyroid disease (aka Hashimoto's) which is where antibodies attack and gradually destroy the thyroid.

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You are hypo. But, your doctor is staying it's normal because it's in-range. He doesn't know enough about it to realise that the ranges are too wide, and that insisting on the TSH getting to 10 before diagnosis is cruel and barbaric. Doctors know nothing about thyroid.

Having said that, TSH can be raised for other reasons than being hypo. Having a virus, for example. So, even if your TSH were over 10, your doctor would still want a second test a few months later, to make sure that you are truly hypo.

Keep testing! :)

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My TSH was 3.1 and they said the same. I joined this site and they saved me. I did a private blood test with blue horizons at 5am, and it was 5.4. This gave me the ammo to pursue, and in the end I went my own way. I have been mostly Ok ever since and that was almost 5 years ago...I think..

Love and Good Luck

Sheenah xx

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I recently requested my medical notes and (they are not complete) found out that my TSH had been tested twice 2013 and 2015, but I was never told. I had been complaining of terrible fatigue and insomnia and bad migraines for years. On the 2 occasions they have recorded my TSH was 5. Back then the range was up to 5 and the GP ignored the result. They found low iron and treated me for that instead. If I had known about the rising TSH I might have twigged about the thyroid as my cousin was going through terrible issues (worse that me) at the time. It wasn’t until I moved and the fatigue got even worse that it was 9.9 this was 2016 and I had found out that Hashimoto’s was in my dad’s side of the family so I told the GP and he reluctantly sent me to an endocrinologist. I also did loads of research (had to read the same thing many times due to brain fog) and eventually found this forum. I’m feeling pretty good this week, but it took a lot of learning and sticking to my guns with the GP to get help. Plus I also see a private endo (NHS one was limited) who did extra testing and prescribed a small amount of T3 which has helped enormously.

This group has also been amazing for the helpful advice and information.

Don’t give up, you will get sorted, but it might take a while. 🙂

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Try Gluten free diet. After I got gluten out of my diet, I lost 60 pounds easy these last 10 months.

I got off my thyroid meds too!

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