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hypothyrodism and Eye problems

Hi , i have been recently diagnosed ( 1 year ago ) for Hashimotos , both TpAG and TpAB were found on hight titers , i was feeling very sluggish before diagnosis. when i was diagnosed by my doctor he prescirbed me 25mg of Levothyroxine and from then after blood work i am on 125mcg .

The problem I have is , since I have started thyroxine , i have developed eye problems , getting pain in the eye . went to Moorfields and was identified that i have dry eyes but also pressure of Eye is Normal HIGH .. ( before starting thyroxine i my eye pressure was very normal and had normal vision ) .

Now i am an IT consultant so have to spend alot of time on Computers but eyes are giving me a lot of pain specially my left eye , the vision is ok but the pain in the muscles and pressure in the eye ball is very trouble some) tried eye drops , hot cloth eyes and everything but nothing is really working.

i was also recently diagnosed with low testrone levels , ( use testo gel for 2 months ... testostrone level went up but then after leaving it it came down )

I am male patient and I have observed most of the people here are female , so would realy appreciate if some one can come forward and tell me his opinion and guidance.

i am Muslim so Armour is a NO NO , but am happy to Bovine if all above is thyroid related.

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Well, where are all the knowledgeable male people to reply to this one?


At work.


I too work with computers so it is intensive use of screens all day - work and home!

I too had uncomfortable eyes. Dry. Feeling of pressure - especially above my eyes. Was seen by ophthalmologist and given a clean bill - pressure OK, no thyroid eye disease, etc.

For months I was using Lacrilube at night and Viscotears single dose units during the day. They helped a lot. But what really helped was finally seeming to turn the corner and feel that my thyroid hormone dose was adequate. And time.

Make sure than you don't use anything with preservative in your eyes. A large proportion of people who have to use things in their eyes over the longer period become sensitive to the preservative - a well-known problem.

It is quite possible that my supplementing with vitamin D3 and sometimes B12 might have helped. Guess I'll never really know.


My experience is exactly the same as yours helvella - I could have written your post. Now that my vits are pretty good and I am optimally medicated on levo all my eye problems have disappeared.


Hi thanks so much for responding, I have few questions

1- are you using Levothyroxine ? If yes did you get eye Issues after using it ?

2- I never had eye problems before thyroxine so do you think I should try thyro Gold?

I also taking vitamin d3 and selenium 350 mcg plus visionace from vita biotics

For eyes I am using hycosan extra

Also I am trying to get Appointment with Dr Damian downing , is he a good doctor in this domain ?

2- did you have


Anyone wishing to respond re the doctor, please bear in mind our guidelines:

24. Do not post information about specific endocrinologists or doctors on the main board without their permission as this may result in unwanted attention from certain areas of the medical profession.

If you wish to discuss a particular endocrinologist or doctor, you may mention his/her name and location, providing that you ask for comments by private message only.


I take levothyroxine. I was on it when my eyes were at their worst, but have actually increased dose since then, slightly. (I could easily try T3 or desiccated thyroid but, at least for now, feel I am OK as I am.)

I wouldn't take 350mcg selenium on a long term basis.

Check your B12 and, despite being male, iron.


I have noticed one thing that my doctor increased my dose from 100 to 125 mcg , do you guys think that could be the culprit causing eye problems ?

previously I did have eye issues but not at this level that I am getting pain in my eyes.


does any one knows if Increased Ocular Pressure is know in hypothyrodism , and if yes how can it be reduced.

Also i am planning to buy Optimel ( read about it on other posts from Australia ) , lets see if that works.


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