Perimenopause and hypothyrodism

Hi I am perimenopausal and started getting adhoc hot flushes a couple of years ago.

My GP prescribed me with clonidine last year and when the hot flushes died away, I weaned myself (as suggested by GP) off the clonidnine and when they started again, I resumed taking clonidine.

However about a month ago, the hot flushes have returned and this is despite me taking clonidine. Nothing stops them and its affecting my sleep.

I am due to see my GP next week to review my meds and I wonder if the hot flushes are thyroid related? I am on 100mcg thyroxine and feel fine, apart from the hot flushes.

Any help or advice given, would be much appreciated.


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  • Hi For the thyroid be sure to have tSH, T4 and Free T3 tested. Also the other hormonal autoimmune conditions associated, can be any.

    Diabetes, b12+ Foliates ( needs to be high in range), vit D, if low a corrected calcium check before treatment. Also have iron/ferritin done, needs to be well in range. Try and get them to write in the absorption % for that too, very important ( NHS or private).

    Best wishes,


  • Thanks for the advice Jackie - I will take your email me with when I see my GP

  • I reckon Menopause coinciding with a thyroid condition can do this. I reckon it has with me too. It used to be a given that running hot was a hyperthyroid thing, but I've talked to a GP who reckons it can occur either hyper or hypo. I'd put a cautious fiver on your hot flushes being reinforced by the two conditions running together. If they give you anything for it, or suggest ways of minimising it, I'd love to hear about it.

  • I'll let you know how I get along

  • My GP has suggested as I start HRT - I spoke with pharmacist and they agreed. I am going in for another blood test next week and will take Jackie's advice and ask for an actual breakdown of the results as opposed to them just saying "its normal/fine"

  • Hi I am having similar problems... and I think youre right, I reckon if your menopausal or peri.. then it can flare up a thyroid problem (im only borderline Hypo) but im wondering if my flushes are from it?? interesting reading. x

  • Your message prompted me to reply. I have an appointment with my GP later, as my BP is very high and so they immediately stopped HRT.

    HRT really helped with the hot flushes and also I was getting hormonal acne, not great when you're a teenager even worse when you're in your 40s! The hot flushes have come back, but not as bad as they were, previously I couldn't sleep at all as the night sweats were unbearable.

  • Hope they find something to help that won't aggravate that high BP.

    It's my feet and lower legs up to and (the worst case of all) my knees that are the worst. Being overheated makes them restless - they're constantly looking for a cool bit of bed.

  • When my mum was going through the menopause she said she found exercise very helpful. She used to go for a brisk walk in her lunch hour and she swears that she only had symptoms (flushes, etc) if she wasn't able to walk for a day or two.

    This will be of limited use if you're too exhausted to exercise, but I thought it might help someone.

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