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Docs and Vit D testing

I wonder if anyone has had issues with their GP surgery testing Vit D

I asked several times (this was ages back, before I gave up after seeing several), and first told no, only old people might be lacking, next I was told they'd do it and being one of those that can black out after serum tests, wasn't watching what tests were done - but when I got the results the hosp lab that they'd been sent to stated on results - no separate Vid D sample enclosed (I was fuming as it is a major trauma blodd tests for me) .... months later when I had to have more tests and I always tell them what I want, even if they wont do them - I said Vit D is a must....only to be told, no, because it has to arrive in the lab within 10 minutes!

OK don't tell me to do private test - I know there is the pad/pinprick version one can buy, altho if it is so sensitive, I cant see how that can be best or reliable - but aside financial worries, hence not buying private test - I have yet to get up the nerve to do it, as heard it can be awkward to get anything out and widget ca be hard to press and so on...........I know I'm NOT your best forum member for getting things done...but that is how I am ... so muddle along doing what I can.

I would be pretty sure I MIGHT be lacking as I don't strip off or go out in the sun ever (don't ask) nor can I stand heat above say 16 degrees - but I cant do bright either...hahaha - sorry to disappoint you all! We are ALL different in make up! So unless by some miracle I have had enough in diet all along (which is questionable...but if you think about it, we got so far through life before getting this ill)....

I am merely wanting to know from those of you that get tested at a GP surgery therefore the samples have to travel to a hosp lab - on timing, because I don't like being lied to if that has occurred!! This no, because it needs to get there in 10 mins seems weird as all samples would face same thing??!

Once I had a clotting test and it had to be redone due to apparently person collecting from GP - the weather was hot, so car was hot?!! You've read it here!! Again, I don't appreciate as I am a fainty sort and wuss now - got worse with thyroid who on earth wants to be a pin cushion for life anyway - well you know what I mean... if they get you stable that might not be the case - but even yearly too much for me...LOL.

So IF you live one or two miles from the hospital lab and your GP tests and sends them - I would like to hear from you on any excuses.

if any GPs or labs are reading this - please realise you aren't helping the situ with these issues, espec when people DONT find the tests easy to go through with anyway!

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A bit of information you may find helpful ....

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WOW!! thank you so much for that- very handy indeed!

Interesting the recommended 10mcg? How does that relate to where we see people supplement in thousands of... (whatever measure) ... isn't 10mcg very low, but they recommend if not out in sun, which I fit - but then I have had several family members with skin cancer, even with non excessive sun at all - BUT I had a brief phase of going on sunbeds when I was younger... don't think I would these days, as for one I noticed skin changes ie thin, sensitive, freckles, petechia and so on!

I will need to show that to GP when I next brave it (I have severe agoraphobia too - incase anyone wonders why I am not as forward as ought to be - with zero help in life)! :-)


I was once sensitive to the sun. Now live in Crete and having the thyroid treated has improved all that - along with good levels of D and B12. It is the UVB rays you need for VitD production in the skin and of course too much showering washes it all off !!

One IU or International Unit = 0.025 mcg - and the 400 IU's suggested is very outdated I'm afraid ( 400 IU's = 10 mcg ) I think ! Was never good at maths.

The above link takes you to an excellent and entertaining video on VitD - possibly one of the best :-) It's long !

Do you have any results with ranges for your thyroid ?


Storm, I'm sorry you are having such problems but I just wanted to say something about the Vit D test.

I don't believe for one minute that the blood has to be at the lab within 10 minutes.

I have had two private blood tests for Vit D. The first one was part of a comprehensive test with Blue Horizon. I attended a Spire hospital for the blood draw. Not sure if that hospital did the testing or not as the nurse said the blood would go by courier, however on the results sheet I received the Specimen Collected/Request/Reported all had the same date.

The second time I used City Assays which is City Hospital, an NHS hospital in Birmingham. I did the finger prick test, sent it first class post as instructed and the result sheet shows Sample Taken 25/8 and Date/Time Received 26/8 at 10.30. So a good 24 hours after the blood spots done.

I believe the City Assays blood spot test to be very good, my Vit D went from 15.4nmol/L to 202 after supplementing for 3 months and as it was different labs there was no cross referencing so I am sure it was a genuine result.

You don't need to be wary of the blood spot test, just one little pin prick on a warmed finger will bring blood to the surface and you just dab it onto the card. You might need to 'milk' your finger for the second or third spot but it shouldn't be a problem. It's not like you need enough to fill a mini vial.

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Hmmmm, soo I didn't believe the 10 minute thing either and it's not the first time I have found the docs and nurses, as I think to be lying... and that sounds awful - accusing, but it is looking like they do!!

I'll get there with the private tests - many will think what a wuss... it just takes me time...a lot of time.

Sounds great that score of yours jumped up.... I have read others' doesn't... you are giving me some faith. :-)


Storm, I had vitD done by my GP surgery which means samples are collected for transport to the hospital lab. Tests which can't stand around would be done at the hospital phlebotomy dept.


Hmmm thank you for that - it definitely seems weird - I might write another letter to head of surgery....not yet... but when ready, tell them what I think - I have written before.. on various matters, although they are busy, they need to spend time on looking at such - better than a five minute appt....or even a double and they still don't listen.



There are some tests which need to be done quickly, for example some forms of Parathyroid Hormone test. (This does seem to vary but I am not sure why.) Straightforward vitamin D isn't usually a problem. I wonder if someone is getting confused because parathyroid hormone and vitamin D are often done at the same time?


I had not mentioned parathyroid to them, maybe there was some note on their system, as the nurse DOES look up something on the screen... but surely if they have the facility for taking various tests, they have worked out they CAN do all or most...will have to check when ready... (takes me ages to get up the nerve to go.... but due April LOL) :-)


I too had problems getting my Vit D tested. The GP took the blood after I complained of pins and needles, but the lab report came back "GP had not made a strong enough case to test this blood". My GP told me to get out more and I told her I was a farmer, and out all the time, so she did the test again and this time they did test the blood and found I was very low. The bloods are taken at the surgery and sent to the nearest hospital, 30 miles away, collected once a day, so your GP was not telling the truth. The vials they collect blood in are coated in specific substances to make sure the blood does not deteriate, which is why the vials are different colours.

I was put on 800 Vit D capsules. The GP told me they cannot retest to see if the levels have come up, or anything. I asked how long I would need to take the capsules, and got the answer back as long as you need them. How do you know if you need them if they will not test the blood!

Incidentally, a recent TSH test was 21, but they still did not do a T3, which they say they only do if one of the other tests is "not normal". It seems the labs are making up the rules as they go along, to the detrement of our health.


Ohh dear but thank you for clarifying.

I have read the labs can decline - it's all funding - however if they have it there, it is very poor to decline, espec like me, it is daft I know...but mega deal to me... gawd help me if I ever need an op... I run a mile... (if could run lol).

But then lab has made similar types on notes on my results...such as failed clotting test, do another....or the one once for Vit D that said no separate vial enclosed....errr hello - are these nurses trained or not... should know what doing - I am not willing to be pin cushion due to their casual being!!!

FT3 tests DO vary and you need to demand in some GPS so I have read - whilst they squirm - they didn't test antibodies for me... and then they only did TPOab - all these critical factors and they don't do it.... gets on wick - why, because money but also they don't care, as same outcome - meds for life....errrr but true, they NEED THE RESULTS and on Vit D for any meds - its not a guessing game (albeit in my case I agree a lot of self learning and guessing going on)!

21 TSH is high - but mine went over hosp lab machine at over 100 LOL... they didn't expect me to be here!

If I was better off financially and also brave I would get more private tests done - but stuck in a rut at mo and for long duration no doubt.

people might say get vit D3 tablets but whilst I never go in sun - I don't know level and don't know what effect tablets will have.

You might read receptors don't work in some people - if you get lots of sun but doesn't work, so same with tablets guess - I haven't yet read what to do about that though. Thanks GPs and NHS for being slack at the risk of people's health - guess it keeps them in biz, along with pharma etc.

I wish you well - and totally know how frustrating it is for you. :-)


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