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vitamin d - 28ng....too low? cause of aches and pains?

got my vit D results today ....28ng/ml .....lab range says 30-74 is the 'sufficient range' which seems to imply im only borderline insufficient?

ive been getting a lot of aches and pains in my hands lately (rheumy has ruled out RA). i also have hashis and am hypo.

wondering if there is a link between the pains (which feel like they are coming from my finger/wrist joints) and low Vit D levels?

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This is some research being done here in Crete. Rod posted about this some time ago. Your result is far too low. There is a chart on that shows the amount you need to take according to results. If 70 is optimal then you need to be taking at least 4000 IU's a day ( I take 10,000 with Hashi's and Crohns ) Its a 1000 IU's for every 10 units under the optimal....

Have you had your B12 tested ? - also Folate - B12 - Iron - Ferritin as they too are usually LOW in Hashi/thyroid people - and quite possibly everyone :-)

VitD is fat soluble so need to be taken with some fatty food....coconut oil ?


Hi It is much too low ,but essential to have a calcium test first, if calcium below range you need both for absorption. If Calcium over range or at the very top of range, no mater what the D is it is essential that you do not take D as then it will put up the calcium. Calcium out of range is very dangerous as an electrolyte.

Really quite complicated and hormonal so, ideally should be under an Endo and scripts.



I would definitely say yes there is a link to the pain if your in low vitamin d, my vitamin d has just gone up to 51. And I am physically feeling a lot better and the aches and pains are subsiding, dr B still wants me to take higher dosage to get up to the bottom of the range of 70 ! I don't know where GPs get their low range from , as I've been told the ranges 70-140 . But yours is definitely very low, endo said mine was low at 39 . His actual words were " your vit d is rubbish" . In the last two months the pain and aches in my body are becoming less and less, I can also walk a lot better and not feel am walking on ege shells


Difference between ng and nmol ranges. I'd aim for about 40ng to start with

See converter:


...says ng in the original post....


...sincere apologies - have lost the plot :-)


I think it's too low, and you can get lots over the counter to help, but get folates, b12's etc tested too

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thanks all, looks like i definitely need some supplementing - its quite annoying that my endo doesn't want to consider these tests (vit D, b12 etc) himself, i had to get the test done separately.

I had my b12 and folate tested too....results...

B12 - 248 (lab range >185)

serum folate - 38 nmol (i forget the lab range and dont have the result on me at the moment but i think it was >8)

so looks like i am definitely vit d and b12 deficient and maybe high on the folate? i am starting a D3 supplement in drops form (1000 IU - i guess 3-4 drops daily) and a B12 spray (500mcg) - lets hope those help.

i was actually planning to also start folate supplements as we are looking to get pregnant later in this (once my TSH stabilises) but not sure if that is advisable if folate levels are already on the high side?


Your B12 is on the floor and needs to be towards the top of the range. Can't quite understand why the folate should be high and the B12 low - maybe there is something on ....


Brenda, I think you need at least 5,000iu daily to get your vitD up and 1-2,000mcg B12 methylcobalamin daily.


had such leg pains and weakness. found out I was very low on D. take 10,000 aday. feel SO much better


Get iron and ferritin checked too.


I went with aches pains and swelling in ankles feet and calves. I think I'm hypothyroid but Dr said TSH was in range but vit D v low at 30. He gave me high dose vit D which made my swelling even worse, unbearable. I kept hoping that meant it was working but I haven't felt any better now it's finished. Maybe if your hypo vit D on it's own doesn't help? I'm hoping to push for thyroid meds next time after getting lots of advice from this site. My last TSH was 4.


When your body is hypo-thyroid, it releases mucopolysaccharides into your body, which is a gel like substance, which gathers in your joints and muscles and which causes pain.

My mum is also hypothyroid, and she was diagnosed when suddenly her ankles swelled up and she took herself to the Dr.

A TSH of 4 is way too high. Your doctor will tell you that it is within the normal range, but a good doctor knows that your TSH needs to be under 2 for you to feel well, for the vast majority of people.

Sounds like you're right about yourself being hypothyroid and that you need to follow this up with the Dr.

Best of luck,



Thank you for that Megan. My last test showed TSH of 5.6 but he still won't medicate. Having a tough time with the swelling :(


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