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Time to take more T3?

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Hi everyone. Can I start by saying thanks so much to everybody who answers my posts I really appreciate it.

So previous bloods:

March 18:

T4 - 16.7 (9-24)

T3 - 3.8 (3.5-6.5)

TSH - 0.82 (0.35-5.0)

Now been on 6.25mcg of T3 for 8 weeks, it's really helped with my mental clarity and energy but not with my physical energy levels; I'm still chronically fatigued.

So Aug 18 blood tests after 8 weeks of the above:

T4 - 14.6 (9-24)

T3 - 4.10 (3.5-6.5)

TSH - 0.10 (0.35-5.0)

To me it all looks good, looks like it's going the right way.

So I'm going to go up to 1/2 tablet a day. My questions are:

Does it matter when I take it?

Is taking a 1/4 tablet two different times of day best?

Or could I just take 1/2 tablet in the morning?

Also has anyone had any side effects when they go up in dosage like this?

I had around 4 weeks of bad headaches when i started T3; I think I'm super sensitive.


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When I increased my T3 from 1/4 to 1/2 a tablet, I split the dose, early morning and then the second dose in the afternoon. I got fed up of trying to time it, it was messing with food and drink, so I started taking it in one dose in the morning. For me, there was no difference and I still take it in one dose. For some people they seem to need the split doses. It's a case of experiment and see what suits you best.

I've never experienced side effects, but some people are sensitive to dose increases.

Thanks Susie, I am thinking the same as you - it will be a bit annoying to split the dose. I think I will try all in the morning and see what happens.

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to Efoula1980


I hope it works out well just one dose. If you don't feel it's helping as much as it should, you could try splitting the dose to see if it makes a difference. Some people take their T3 at bedtime, I haven't tried that but am OK with my morning dose so don't feel the need to experiment any more :)

Hi Efoula, when I first started T3 I was advised to take it in the morning and just before lunch. This is because it is the active hormone and is used rapidly at the cellular level. Topping up in the afternoon helps this process. I take my T4 at night as it is the inactive hormone. This has worked very well for me. However, I have occasionally forgotten the second dose of T3 and have experienced a drastic energy slump in the early evening. So if you choose this way try not to forget the second dose!x

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Efoula1980 in reply to Gerispice

Thanks Gerispice for the info.

I echo what others say: it’s probabky fine to take it all at once in the morning (or even all at once at night, for a boost the next morning). In small doses like this. I take 250 t3 (quite a lot!) and found that taking it all at once felt weird, but dividing it into three doses 100/100/50 works for me. Total pain in the neck though, having to take it three times a day. If you can avoid it, do! Experiment both ways and if you’re lucky you can take it all at once (note: 6.5 May have exactly same effect on you as 250 on me: you may be more sensitive, so taking 6.5 at once may feel just the same as me taking all mine at once. ). If you increase, i would experiment by taking it split 50/50% then 75/25% - and then 100% at once. Bear in mind I’m not a doctor and other here may have different advice!

Thanks Nutripea

Hi Efoula. Like you I have just started T3. I have reduced my levo from 100 to 75 mcg and added 6.25 mcg t3. After 2 weeks I upped my t3 dose to 12.5 mcg taken first thing in morning with levo. However I found I was having a compelling urge to sleep mid afternoon on this. After reading on the forum that others had had the same experience I now split the dose and take 6.25 first thing and 6.25 at bedtime and that seems to suit me. I guess it is definitely a case of experimenting to see what's best for you. I am holding this dose for another 4 weeks and will check bloods then but deffo feel I have more energy. Good luck and good health to you.

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Efoula1980 in reply to LiziBG

Aww thanks for the input. I am 3 weeks on taking 12.5 in the morning now and it's going well. Still confused about whether I should reduce my levo at some point cos somebody told me not to when they looked at my august blood tests.

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LiziBG in reply to Efoula1980

I would think if you're feeling good then no need to reduce levo for now going by your August tests. My t4 was higher than yours at the time of introducing t3 hence I reduced levo. I may raise it again depending on next blood tests. I'm definitely no expert but, like you, I'm determined to get healthier!

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