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Why are TPO antibodies still attacking?

Can anyone make sense of these recent results?


T4-Below 4



Not sure how my antibodies can be so high when my thyroid is suppressed. Been taking 400mcg of Selenium for the last 6 months along with other antioxidants.

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...are you taking medication - T4 or T3 ?


I'm taking 50mcg per day of T3 only


.....am not that helpful really. Good that you are on T3 as people with Hashimotos often have difficulty converting T4 into T3. Not sure that a low TSH is connected to anti-bodies and their levels. Someone with more knowledge will soon come along !

I was told that once you have anti-bodies it's not worth having them tested again. They do seem high though. Be mindful of high dose Selemiun - best to take for 3 months and then have a month off. Auto-immune illness often starts with a mal-functioning gut so addressing the diet really does help.


Thanks Marz. Taking glutamine for the gut, and only 200mcg selenium a day.


..oh that's good as you did mention 400mcg in your first post !


I still have antibodies apparently, even though i have had a suppressed TSH for 15 years and have been on armour all that time. I still don't fully understand why!


Gluten... do you eat it? Some people say that going gluten free can help lower antibodies.

Gluten increases intestinal permeability (aka leaky gut) in everyone, not just people with coeliac disease, and there is a theory that gut permeability is involved in the development of autoimmune diseases, so it makes sense to me that getting rid of gluten in the diet might help. I think there would be an improvement whether or not you were actually reacting to the gluten itself.

Something to consider anyway.


Yes......been gluten free for 2 years


Oh well, it's not that then.

The mystery deepens... hope you find some answers.


i have also been gluten free for years.


I was diagnosed with Hashi's approx. 2 months ago. My gp is not interested in my antibodies. I had loads of Hashi's symptoms, worse being horrible chest pains & palpitations. I now feel much better and I've been on a gluten- free diet for 3 weeks and I feel it is helping me. I strongly urge anyone with Hashimoto's / autoimmune thyroiditis to get hold of Dr Haskell's book "Hope For Hashimoto's " This book has certainly given me hope and it does give detailed plans in how to reduce antibodies. It seems the NHS just want us Hashi's patients to sit and wait for our antibodies to destroy our thyroids. I would just like to add that going gluten-free is not as bad as I thought it would be - it's mainly just a healthy diet which would be good for everyone.

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