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2nd appointment with GP this afternoon- any words of wisdom before I go?!


Morning all!

I was diagnosed (and taking 50 mg Levo') since approx' 14th June. TSH from that first blood test was 13.49 (0.30 - 3.94) and T4 was 10.3 (12.30 - 20.20).

I had my second blood test at the end of July and phoned the receptionist to ask for TSH and T4 result about a week ago. The TSH was 3.48 and she said there was nothing available for T4. (?) In a nutshell: all fine, and no action required. Irrespective of the 'no action required' I still made an appointment to see my GP because I still do not feel any different from my pre-diagnosis stage.

Would it be a bad call on my behalf to ask him to increase the Levo' slightly despite the results being 'normal'? Is it too soon, am I expecting too much and should I wait another 6 weeks?

Unfortunately, both my blood tests were done mid afternoon as nobody told me at the surgery about fluctuating TSH levels (but thanks to this site, I am at least better prepared for next time).

My biggest anxiety is work. I work in education and have had a disastrous academic year. I have had 2 failed observations and a failed marking scrutiny over the last year - this coming from somewhere I have worked for 6 years without anything being less than 'good to outstanding'. I am extremely worried that if I can't get my energy levels back, the Head will decide I am unfit for work. I wrote a long email to my union officer yesterday in the hope he can advise me on this particular matter (automated reply so he is on holiday), but I think the end result will be that I will argue on the grounds of 'reasonable adjustments need to be in place' and the Head will argue that "according to your GP your bloods are normal so..." I am getting married early next year (deposits for everything are in place) so even a drop in pay would prove disastrous.

Any words of wisdom?

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Well for a start your latest blood result from July, TSH of 3.48 is still not normal. The reason they are stating it's normal is because it falls within the lab ranges. That does not mean we feel normal with a TSH of 3.48.

It advised that for us to feel well your TSH should be 1 or below and your T3 & T4 should be the higher figures of the lab ranges. Therefore, you need an increase in Levo.

As you have said you still feel unwell you need to go back to your GP and state that although the ranges state normal you still don't feel well and ask for a further increase of levo 25mcg. 50mcg is a starter dosage anyway.

You need blood tests every 6 weeks with an increase in levo by 25mcg each time until you feel well.

I know you made the mistake of having blood taken in the afternoon, but, as you have said you now know that they should be taken first thing in the morning before 9am don't take levo before the blood either, water only no eating.

As they are not testing your T4 & T3 perhaps you would be better paying to have blood taken privately, many are forced to do this as the GP's will not test all that is required.

Medi checks and blue horizons offer this service, and you can visit a local hospital on there books to arrange the blood draw or a finger prick test at home.

You have to be firm with your GP

Best Wishes


Bloods done every 6/8 weeks and doses adjusted accordingly. You need an increase of 25mcg and this should be repeated until symptoms have disappeared.

Also have B12 - Folate - Ferritin - VitD tested - these are all needing to be optimal for your thyroid hormones to work efficiently - yours and the ones you take :-) These tests have to be requested as they are rarely routinely checked. Symptoms of low nutrients could be the cause of some of your symptoms ...

Blue_feather in reply to Marz

Many thanks for the reminder - I will ask him for a print out of both the previous and current blood reports today.

Marz in reply to Blue_feather

How did it go ? :-)

Blue_feather in reply to Marz

Hi there, Marz - and thank you for asking!

Well, I am a little surprised and also relieved; I strolled in, sat down and said: 'when I am going to feel better?' He was, as always, very chirpy, looked at my blood results and told me that he had checked for the presence of antibodies this time around and they are indeed present. He then said that although the TSH levels were within the normal range they are still too high. He prescribed 75mg and printed off my results.

Hopefully, things will improve - fingers crossed!

Marz in reply to Blue_feather

Great result - Congratulations - let the good times roll :-)

In another 6/8 weeks test again to see if you need another increase !

I have private health insurance at work and part of the term are you can ask for a 2nd opinion if you’re not happy with what you’re GP tells you however I needed a letter from GP to say why they would not do the full tests including the T3 I asked for the letter and a couple of days later I got a call from the GP surgery to say that they will do the blood test

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