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Hypo & menopause issues, can anyone advise please?

I have been hypothyroid for a number of years and am stable on Levothyroxine but have recently hit the menopause. I went to my gp about 2 years ago because I suspected I might be but was tested and told I definitely wasn't. My mood swings are horrendous, as are the hot flushes and I haven't had a period since Nov.

I have always had the odd restless night but recently the insomnia is becoming a real problem & I am not sure if this is related to my thyroid or the menopause & I am reluctant to go to my gp as I don't have much faith in them & I don't want to go onto HRT as I am worried it will interfere with my thyroid/meds balance.

Any advice on what if any natural remedies might work would be greatly appreciated, these moods are crippling me & making hubby's life miserable too.

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It is possible for the symptoms you describe to be caused by inappropriate thyroid hormone levels. Before you start taking things for menopause, it would be a good idea to make sure it isn't thyroid. Are you sure you are stable on levothyroxine? What dose are you on? When were you last tested and what were the results?



It has taken years for me to feel well and this has been achieved over the last couple of years by taking 150/125 mcgs Levothyroxine on alternate days.

I was last tested in October and my TSH was 'within range', it is very rare they will tell me even when I ask. It is my understanding that it hadn't changed since my test a year before when I think it was 0.3 so I have been on this dose for a little over 2 years.

About 8 months ago I had a very stressful 3 months when my my Father became critically ill and subsequently died in June, following this I felt better than I had for years until about Aug/Sept when I started with the insomnia and hot flushes, periods were reduced from a week to 3 days and very light, my mood changed at the click of a finger and then my periods stopped altogether in Dec and Jan and my mood over the last few days has been particularly dreadful.

This has all happened so quickly but its the moods I struggle mostly with and i think this is made worse by the insomnia.

I just wondered if anyone else had experienced anything similar and how they coped.


Hi. I am not menopausal and am therefore not really of much help to you. However, I've been recently experimenting with natural progesterone cream to try and help my menstrual migraines, and I find that my pms symptoms are very much improved. I read alot before starting using this, and I know it is used during menopause. Maybe this is worth looking into - there's lots of information out there; try the serenity website for starters.

I wish you all the best with sorting this out.



Hi make sure you have had both the blood tests for diabetes type 2, I was like this for a long time before I discovered for myself that I had very severe diabetes You could always get a BM ( finger prick test) done at a good chemist, some do them it is free. it is only a guide but make sure you have only had water for 2 hours prior to it. it should be about 6 or will definitely be hormonal but that covers loads of things, easy to think it is thyroid if you have the disease. Are you able to see a good endo?That is what I would do now knowing, how I was.



Thanks Jackie, I hadn't even considered this and will do it.

I am not able to see an endo despite asking previously to be referred, my GP doesn't seem either knowledgeable or interested and just said that the endo would refuse to see me so didn't want to make the referral!

It's great when I feel well but nightmare when I don't!


You could try starflower oil-it balances the hormones and helps with the moody,snappy stuff. Give it a few weeks to kick in -widely available on line and has worked for me with mood swings. Good luck with this-hope it helps.


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