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The dreaded Menopause

Hi everyone my legs really ache, went to my gp and she said it was probably the menopause I have had the hot flushes for a couple of years now on and off but my periods have now ceased, hopefully, so I want to know if there is anything I can take to try and relieve the aches and pains, bearing in mind I have to take thyroxin Can anyone help.

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Did your GP not suggest HRT for menopausal symptoms?

Perhaps your GP could test vitamin D and ferritin as low/deficient levels can cause musculoskeletal pain.

In the meantime, try supplementing magnesium citrate, use magnesium oil spray on your calves and feet, and put Epsom Salts in your bath which can relieve aching legs.


My legs ached when I was hypothyroid. Do you have any recent test results?


some people have taken gelatized maca to help with menopause that helped which is natural in capsule form...not the raw kind . low vit d3 is common as we get in this stage of life....and it causes pains like that....I am surprised she didn't test for d3 b12 ferritin serum and your thyroid bec your thyroid can also go off in menopause meaning more meds needed as well...I would suggest going to bhrt bio identical hormone dr or another dr that will look at things that can be causing it.....and or you can test yourself......


Hi I am 53 and going through the menopause I have been hypothyroid for 10 years and take 100mg mon /fri 125mg sat/sun of levothyroxine. I get achey legs too especially when walking upstairs or uphill. Since becoming peri menopausal my thyroid has started to play up. I have this on off uncomfortable feeling in my throats blurred vision & extreme tiredness my recent Ths was 2.9 I am awaiting an ultrasound test. Does anyone else get this feeling in their throats what can I do to get rid of it ?have to have another blood test in 6 weeks should I ask them to test for anything else specific to underactive thyroid? hope you solve your achey leg prob!


I had dreadful menopause symptoms but leg aches weren't among them. Aches and pains are often caused by low D3 and/or low magnesium. Not a lot of point testing magnesium, just supplement, but need to know what your D3 is - it needs to be about 90-100.


Hi Donna

I was having night sweats & once I began supplementing my B12 they stopped. It may well be worth getting your levels checked as you may find you need to supplement something that may help with the aches & pains.

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