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Exercise for energy


Hi all, I’ve had hashimotos for 2 years (diagnosed for just over 1 year) and it may be secondary to another autoimmune disease like Lupus or Sjogrens, but my tests are too inconclusive to be treated for much other than hashimotos. I’m in levothyroxine and high dose vit D, and various vitamins, minerals and other supplements that my consultant recommended. However, I am suffering most from debilitating fatigue, which leaves me hardly able to move, out of breath when I do (I’m not iron deficient) and struggling to think clearly. I have a gentle exercise regime that I’m too fatigued to even do that, so I have been wondering whether any of you have found a few simple physical movements that could be done in the morning to get me going and raise energy e.g. does anyone do tai chi and find it useful (nb. I’m not allowed to do yoga moves as I also have joint hyper mobility syndrome). Thanks all.

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You sound under medicated. Can you add your most recent thyroid and vitamin results and ranges

TSH should be around, or under one, FT4 towards top of range and FT3 at least half way in range

Vitamin levels need to be optimal, not just somewhere within range

As you have Hashimoto's are you on strictly gluten free diet or have you tried it?

Many of us don't loose the fatigue until addition small dose of T3. But important to get Levothyroxine dose high enough first and vitamins sorted.

Hi Elmoo

am in essentially the same situation with Hashi's, fatigue and the fight to take off the weight. echoing Slow Dragon you do sound like you're undermedicated.

I do Pilates exercises regularly and it's great for strengthening and relaxing without causing too much fatigue.

The problem with more than one autoimmune is that you don't know which is causing the fatigue...so you don't know if you are undermedicated for one...if it's the other causing the tiredness. Does that makes sense?? I definitely went through this and thought it was my thyroid, when I now don't think it was. Keep an eye on the other situation. Ask for more blood tests if your symptoms get worse. The tiredness is all consuming though, so listen to your body and rest when you can. X

Thank you- I don’t have access to my blood tests without going through an application process (which I think I will do now). I’m just told that my results are back in the normal range, but how much in, and what they are actually testing for I don’t know. They have also recently decided to stop offering liothyronine in the UK. Until they get a definitive diagnosis for the other autoimmune disease they won’t offer any specific treatments for it. I’ve only recently heard of gluten free to reduce overall inflammation, so I think I’ll give that a shot. Though at the moment the thought of a diet overhaul seems to need more energy than I have! Thanks for all the support/advice :) nice to know I’m not alone!

I'm Hashi's & underactive & inactive 😉I used to go the the gym & loved it. My once lovely figure has disappeared & am now wobbly & fat. I hate it.

Hashi & Hypo are unwelcome 'friends' & not been the least kind to me. I've not got the energy I used to have.

The only thing I do at present are simple leg & back stretches on waking & that's just so I can get out of bed. Also small walks when I feel I'm able.

It's so frustrating but now I've started NDT I keep my fingers crossed that I'll get better. I think at some point I'll need more T3 as I feel my heart & brain has mopped it all up & there's nothing left for the rest of my poor old body!

It's certainly a case of 'Slowly, Slowly Catchey Monkey' for many of us.

Wishing you all the best.

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