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Accessing blood test results from GP

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Hello all. Today I asked my GP surgery for print outs of my blood results going back nearly 20 years ! There was a sharp intake of breath.

This is because since joining here I have felt more empowered re my health. I want to see the results since I was diagnosed with goitre. In my ignorance I've never checked anything, always told I am within ranges though at one time given carbimazole for several months but I never asked why.

Posting here to ask if I am asking the impossible? Has anyone done the same, or accessed their past results via the internet? Am I being difficult - is it worth bothering - will it provide any answers?

Really appreciate any comments and/or suggestions. I'm waiting for results of private blood tests and apart from the brief carbimazole years ago not being treated.

Thanks j.

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Good for you. Can just imagine the reaction when after all that time you suddenly want to know what’s been going on.

Judging by people I know you’re not alone in taking drugs without asking why.

It should make very interesting reading and you can always ask on here if you need help to decipher them.

You do know you are entitled to have your results although you may have to pay a ‘token ‘sum to get them.

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to Fruitandnutcase

Should be free of charge now

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jib70 in reply to SeasideSusie

Thank you for that link to SAR very informative. I'll be happy to pay a reasonable fee, ie paper & printing of course. Wait to see if they consider that my request is thought 'manifestly unfounded or excessive'. Much appreciated your info.

Thanks for your reply. Been told it has to be agreed by the GP before I'm allowed? Wonder why? Checking back tomorrow. j

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Portia1974 in reply to jib70

Your GP is not in a position to agree or refuse. You are legally entitled. The usual procedure is to put your request in writing and then they must supply your notes to you within 40 days. It's a real eye opener to read what is written and see blood results in the context of your new knowledge!

Hi jib70

Glad I came across your post today. I’m looking to get info on blood tests myself to compare results prior to my meds being lowered based on blood tests only. I was thinking of going to the hospital instead of the GP. I’ll be interested to know if you have any resistance from your GP; even if it is your right they seem to be offended if you query anything. I have a tendency to write direct to the hospital doctors as they are the ones treating me, and for this I’ve been lectured previously, even when I’ve copied the GP. I put it down to my expat upbringing, lol!


Please let us know how this develops

Yes, I got access to my historical blood test results online. I can now view them whenever I want to. It took me a couple of weeks checking information online to begin to understand them. I didn't know so many blood tests had been done. For example, I didn't know that vitamin D or diabetes markers had been checked in the years I felt unwell, I was very surprised. Unfortunately, faulty levothyroxine didn't show up in blood tests except that TSH kept rising for no explainable reason. Calcium deficiency and bone problems didn't show in blood tests.

Hi jib70 My GP practice is signed up to Patient Access (many are) . This enables me to book appointments and repeat prescriptions on line . I am also able to access my medical records and all blood test results going back to when I joined the practice 20 years ago . May be your practice has this option .

Best regards Skeeter

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jib70 in reply to Skeeter1956

Thanks Skeeter. My practice is also on Patient Access and when I contacted them yesterday with my request I asked if they were accessible to me online - seemed the easiest way to me. The admin there had no idea though so couldn't help. I think not everything is available to everyone in that system yet, but I will check it out again today.

Thanks so much for your help and advice. Best wishes j

How very dare you!!! :) Wanting to know what is going on in your own body? Cannot have that. We are the experts (GP quote!), leave it to us. ;)

The more we know about our own health, the more we can do to help ourselves gain good health, but the medical profession are so used to being in control, they do not like it at all if you question anything.

It took me nearly two years to get my hospital notes following a medical accident. There is a two year limit to take legal action. No coincidence. It was found that it was my fault the surgeon did not tie an artery.

So it is well worth keeping all your blood results (it may even go back far enough to show what your levels were like before you were ill!).

If you get your full medical notes be aware there may be notes in there that are wrong, rude, or for someone else. At one point I had changed my name to Peter and was getting treated for piles! And his surname was nothing like mine!

I am hoping I live long enough to be able to see my notes on line. They have recently done a bit - you can book an appointment. Whoo hooo, in 5 weeks time of course.

Hope you get your results. This site is literally a life saver.

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jib70 in reply to serenfach

:D Oh serenfach you made me smile with your post. I can't believe I'm being so bold - nor can the GP surgery ;) j.

Seem to be replying to myself here so apologies but an update on accessing these blood tests in case anyone else considering doing it. Visited GP practice today, told GP agrees I can see my records (!!??) but only the most recent are on line, rest still paper copies which are kept elsewhere.

They have been applied for though, and when they arrive I will be allowed to see them and decide which I want copies of. I have stated I want copies of all for last 20 years, but knowing how slow the NHS wheels grind expecting a long wait. Thanks everyone for replies, your posts and this forum do give me strength to carry on. j

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