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GP Blood Test Results


So I haven't been diagnosed as hypothyroid, yet I have all the disabling symptoms - the worst being the disabling fatigue and chronic intolerance to cold. I am perpetually cold.

So I was advised on here last week to obtain a printout of the blood test results. The only information on the printout is as follows:

TSH: 0.76

Free T4: 12.1

That's the only information I have. However, I am still convinced my problem is related to hypothyroidism due to my close family members having similar problems and having near enough all the symptoms. I am desperate to at least try treatment, if it doesn't alleviate the problems then of course it is something else, but the doctor is unable to prescribe them without some form of license.

Thanks in advance for response.

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TSH is low-normal which rules out primary hypothyroidism due to thyroid failure. However, FT4 12.1 is bottom of the range if the range is 12 - 22 and one would expect to see much higher TSH. I think your GP should consider secondary hypothyroidism due to pituitary dysfunction. Secondary hypothyroidism is usually investigated and managed in endocrinology as growth and sex hormones are sometimes deficient too. Treatment for secondary hypothyroidism is Levothyroxine to replace the low thyroid hormone. Once a diagnosis of secondary hypothyroidism is confirmed TSH should be ignored and FT4 and FT3 measured to check dose is adequate.

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Thanks. According to the paperwork, the range is (9-21).

What would you recommend the next step to be then?



12.1 isn't bottom of that range so although it is low in range I don't think secondary hypothyroidism will be considered yet. It might be worth

trialling Levothyroxine to see whether symptoms improve but it will prevent you getting a NHS diagnosis.


There were lots of good replies in your first post - especially from SeasideSusie


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How do your results compare to your mum's?


your t4 is near bottom of the range

your TSH is low you have a family history of thyroid problems

chances are its CENTRAL HYPOTHYROID as opposed to primary hypothyroid which is likely all your GP knows about

you need to go back to the GP and directly suggest this nay be the cause

you need

free t3 checked

thyroid antibodies




vit d3


I've had symptoms of hypothyroidism from puberty, & only discovered I have a pituitary adenoma three years ago. It's a common condition, & amongst other issues, can cause secondary hypothyroidism. It might be an idea to ask for your prolactin levels to be tested.

My NHS blood tests still come back within normal range, due to the anomalies with TSH & TH testing. This is a good read as to things that can affect TH levels: nahypothyroidism.org/deiodi...

After much trial & error, making sure my nutrient levels were better, & doing the Barnes Basal Body Temperature Test, I bought NDT 18 months ago, then tried T3 last summer.

My temperature is up by a full degree, from my previous normal of 35.1 degree celcius. It's great not being perpetually cold, & I can now eat properly without weight gain, don't have an afternoon energy crash, & sleep better. I wish I'd known 40 years ago!


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