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Hi, I had a complete thryroidectomy 5 years ago and have been on thyroxine since. Dose has reduced over the years from 150 micrograms to 100 micrograms for last 3 years. I suffer from the same symptoms as quite a few other contributors but just had my blood tested again at the GP's and told all OK. I discussed my syptoms and results with him last year and asked if I was near the limits. He told me that my results were not near the limits and well within the tolerances. I still have the same syptoms. Any advice

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  • Get a copy of your most recent blood test results with the ranges.

    It is your right under the Data Protection Act 1998. Your GP surgery should have a procedure for this and it should take you, 3-5 days to obtain them. You need to do this asap as some surgeries charge £10 for results over a month old but give them free or for a few pence for newer results.

    If you have any difficulties start a new thread for advice.

  • Once you have the results and ranges start a new thread and put them in.

    However if you have them edit your post and put them in.

    While you have no thyroid more informed posters need to tell you what to tell your doctor and the results help do this.

  • Thanks, I've given my GP all of the symptons in fact that's why I had the last test done because my descriptions suggested that I needed a test now but results seem to suggest that the dosage is not the problem.

  • Dicktwo,

    You don't know what the results are. Your doctor's opinion is that your dose is not the problem. There's probably room to tweak the dose.

  • Hi Clutter, I've just rung the GP and they are printing them out for me to collect. When I have them I'll post what they are and ask for further comments. Thanks

  • Dicktwo,

    Write a new post as updates in Newsfeed are easily over looked.

  • Will do, thanks

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