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My first NDT results are in - should I up by 1/2 grain?

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So, 6 weeks on 2.5 grains of Thiroyd and my first set of results are in:

My TSH: 0.61

fT4: 9 pmol/l

fT3: 3.8 pmol/l

These are all classed as within range and I'm feeling absolutely fine.

On levo, my fT4 had consistently been much higher at around 18-21.

I seem to recall seeing somewhere that on NDT you should try and get your T3 up in its range; at present, it's near the bottom. Should I up my NDT dose by 1/2 grain?

I had my test done about 24 hours after my last dose of NDT

By the way, I had Thyroid Cancer and have no thyroid left.



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Those results—especially the FT3—look a little low and indicate you need an increase, but I’m guessing, because without the lab ranges it’s impossible to be sure. Do you have the lab ref ranges?

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wysewoman in reply to Jazzw

Hi Jazz,

Thanks - I have now got the reference ranges used by my surgery

TSH was 0.61 Range 0.3 - 5

fT4: 9 Range 9 - 25

fT3: 3.8 Range 3.5 - 6.4

So i really am near the bottom of the T3 on 2/5 grains of NDT. I think I may try going up unless anyone more in the know of these things has any other thoughts?



I would say try it - go up half a grain and see how you feel. I dont go by bloods any more, I go by how I am feeling, and find the feedback from my body is pretty quick on NDT. I went over what my body needs going by blood results and felt awful, but dropping it by half a grain and within a day or two felt as near normal as I am ever going to get! My first "feedback" is the tinnitus as this gets loud if I am under or overdosed. We are all different, and the journey to find our "sweet spot" can be a long one, and change! Try it and see and listen to your body. Good luck!

Hello, Just thought I'd update this as when I was searching for similar info, it was tricky to find...

So I upped my dosage to 3 grains of NDT. My results are now:

TSH 0.5

FT4 10

​FT3 4.5

I have now been on only NDT (no Thyroxine) for over 6 months and I ffel that there is significant improvements in my life namely:

My periods got horrendously heavy after the removal of all of my Thyroid - they are now back to how they used to be pre-cancer! My cycle length went from about 31 days pre-cancer to 25 days post op. They are now around 28!

I generally feel more positive and no longer have brief rushes of anxiety first thing in the morning.

I am just one person but I'm not intending on going back to Thyroxine anytime soon unless some other evidence suggests that someone in my situation, should.

My only only concern with being on NDT is the Thyroglobulin result - I understand it can skew them in some cases? I will be discussing this with my consultant next week.

Hope the update helps someone.


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