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Thyroid small and heterogeneous on ultrasound


Hi all,

I haven't posted on here for a while as have been enjoying reasonable health thyroid medication-wise. I am currently 21 weeks pregnant which is such a blessing after years of miscarriages. This is part thanks to an excellent endocrinologist (recommended to me by someone on here - I am so grateful!) and I finally have some hope of starting a family.

However, I had an ultrasound today to check a lump in my neck that was worrying me. The lump didn't turn out to be an issue (phew!) but the sonographer pointed out my thyroid is small, has barely any tissue and is heterogeneous.

I am hypothyroid but didn't think I had Hashimoto's as my antibodies weren't raised when they were tested in January this year. So, I am wondering if anyone is aware of the thyroid shrinking so small without antibody damage? I am guessing my thyroid has little function left and am praying my T4/T3 medication will be enough to keep my baby safe. I've been very closely monitored with my FT3, FT4 and vitamins this pregnancy. I've had a supressed TSH for well over a year and the only way I can achieve adequate FT3 levels is to take T3 as well as T4, which was introduced the month I fell pregnant.

Should I be taking any action with this ultrasound result, or just continue my medication and forget about the scan?! I imagine I should at least mention it to my endo!

Thanks everyone.

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Sorry you had no replies. This may be because your post was missed or simply because no one had any relevant information.

If you still need help you may want to try posting again.


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