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Newly diagnosed and need some advice on what questions to ask GP


Hi, I apologise for the long post, I am newly diagnosed and I am looking for some advice I was told I was border line hypothyroid about 13 years ago I don't have my blood results I am in the process of getting them but a snotty receptionist tried to tell me I had to have docs permission top have them and I have put her right and should have them next week. About 7-8 weeks ago I attended the doctors and saw a female doctor as I had problems with my feet swelling and they would not go down overnight and they were different temps and different colours from each other basically she told me there was nothing wrong with them I tried to argue my case with her but she eventually gave in admitted that I was right but it could be age or gravity she didn't even exam me not even a blood pressure check! Approx 3 weeks later I went to a festival over the course of the 3 days my feet started swelling and developing large blisters on my soles, I discarded it and put it down to walking long distances and being on feet all day. As we were travelling home I began to feel really unwell, tired, hot sick and I had stubbed my toe on getting in the car and it felt numb. When I checked my feet I had a blister the size of my whole big toe nail underneath it (hence the numb feeling), 8 blisters on my other foot, rash covering both feet and small water blisters starting to appear on my ankles. I phoned gp and was given an appt as soon as I got home he thought my auto immune system was attacking me and gave me a course of steroids and ordered a load of blood tests. within 3 days he phoned me in work and told me I was hypothyroid and my levels were way off track tbh it was such a relief as I had never felt so ill as I had for that week and was really struggling with work etc. He immediately started me on 100mg of levothyroxine and I have to admit whether it is psychological or not I really feel so much better and have been on it for 5weeks now. However my feet are not faring so well I have really bad dry skin its cracking so bad on my heels they are sore to walk on also my big toe nail is hanging off having being forced off by the blister and they are peeling all over. I returned to Gp and saw the woman GP again who once again was completely uninterested and said that my toe nail will fall off some time in the next 3-6 months and that although it is only attached on 1 side will not refer me to podiatry or even offer me some advice on a private podiatrist. As you can imagine I was not happy and left. However today I arrive home to a letter from gp surgery saying I need to make an appt about my blood results so I phone them to let them know that I have spoken to doctor he has given me prescription for thyroid to be told this is nothing to do with my thyroid and it is with regards to my liver. The receptionist could not tell me whats wrong which is fair enough but I had those bloods taken 5 weeks ago and only saw the woman doctor just over a week ago so those results would have been on computer needless to say I'm fuming. I assume that from the auto immune diagnosis for my feet that it is likely I am suffering from hashimotos not really sure how my liver fits into the big picture though also I have been b12 deficent for 2 years. I wasnt going to post on here until I had my blood results but I need to know what questions I should be asking at my appt next week.

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Once my doctor has seen my blood results, I just ring the doctors and I can get a copy of my results very quickly, last time I picked them up from reception within half a hour of ringing. As he wants to discuss things with you that might be the reason for not letting you have a copy. Best of luck at your appointment.

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I think it was just the receptionist being funny as when I told her that by law I was entitled to have a copy of my medical records and whether the doctor gave consent or not was irrelevant she spluttered that she was obviously not up to date with these things. I did ask could I collect them when I came for my appt so I dont really know if she thought I wanted them before the appt.

Are you being treated for B12 deficiency? If not, you should be. Often liver abnormalities on blood tests can run alongside thyroid issues especially if under or not treated. You need to ask for your TSH, T4 and T3 results, as well as B12, Vitamin D, folate and ferritin results. You are likely to be deficient as again that can be common with Hashimoto's sufferers. Your feet problems may be due to the B12 deficiency but it sounds like you should see a doctor other than the unhelpful one you've seen twice now!


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I have been on b12 injections for 2 years.

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You definitely need a full panel of bloods especially t3 vitamins and thyroid antibodies even if you have to pay privately. You may be able to have your injections more frequently too.

Good luck

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