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Had anyone found a difference with taking

French T3 and German T3

Just wondering as I was initially on the French version up to sept last year then went on to the German makes. Just realised my health has deteriorated since approx Oct.

Endo diagnosed me with CFS last year and drs tell me this is what is wrong now and it’s gettibf worse . But I just wonder could it possibly tie in with the change of T3 ?

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Can anyone PM if you can just buy T3 in France or do you need a prescription. Thanks Pam

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Hi yes you need a private prescription .

It costs roughly e3 !!!!!

Unbelievable isn’t it .

My daughter got me some last year and the chemist looked at he script and said how many boxes do you want - she came back with 6. However , on previous occasions my boss was only able to get a box at a time . It really depends where you go and of course on the pharmacist.

If you go there normally they order it in so you have to go back the next day to collect. Let me know how you get on. I’ve gone for the German brand now as you buy online so I was not relying on people visiting France . Good luck

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Hi I guess you get a private prescription from the dr and pay him for the prescription do you then go to the chemist or pharmacist. Do you.

If that doesn't work how do you do the German one.

Thanks for your help Pam

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I see a private endo so no charge for the prescription, however , as usual in GP surgeries I should imagine there’s a charge if you request a private prescription. Worth ringing and asking.

There are 2 pharmacies in Germany’s



I’ve used versandapo before but they’ve been taken over so not sure if they still supply . I’m about to find out!

I enquirered with Bennewitz and they’re happy to supply Me

Cost approx e31 for a pack of 100 😛

So Germany a bargain

If you decide to do Germany your script has to be very specific


Thybon 20 henning 100 pieces

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With the French script

Script is fine stating liothyronine 25mgs

My original request was for 6 boxes but they would only give my boss 1 month !!!

This makes the German one easier to get his of.

Forget to mention on the German script get the gp- consultant to state how many boxes . My latest one is for 6 boxes , yes 600 pills - I take 2 a day .

Just wanted to have plenty in stock as a little worried the brexit . But still much cheaper than UK

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Hi siannie thanks for info. It is a game isn't it. All we want is to be healthy and not have our bodies struggling.l will check that out as hopefully going to France in a few weeks so will try that. Am guessing you can get an English dr to write script for you and then present it at pharmacy. Same procedure with the German one but on line.

Thanks again and keep well Pam

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Yes . Speak to your GP.

As I said they will probably charge you for doing it however it will still work out cheaper than the UK.

The only downside is if course even if they request 6 boxes etc a chemist may only give you 1box.

Some chemists do give you a box without a script but now highly unusual .

My daughter stayed near Berny riviera and it was a small town near there that gave her 6 boxes 😛

Let me know how you get on.

I saw a deffo improvement when I went on T3 and lost 1stone over several months. However, over the winter in got worse coincided with

A) winter blues

B) changing to German make

C) CFS becoming worse

Hoping my consultant will be able to sort it all in 2 weeks


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