T3 shortage AGAIN!!

I have just been advised by my pharmacist that he is unable to fulfil my prescription for T3 and can give me no date for for obtaining further supplies. This happened repeatedly last year and is such a worry. Does anyone else have any wisdom to offer me in my dilemma ? Last year when faced with this I went to the GP and she said "why do you take this"? It's so frustrating……...

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  • Have you tried any other pharmacies yet? This is very worrying and I spent weeks last year tracking down supplies in various places to keep me going, until new stock arrived. It is a disgraceful way to run a health service and I wrote to my MP and eventually received a letter from the House of Lords, but they wasted their time on waffle and excuses. Apparently it is not up to the MHRA to go out and find another supplier. We must all wait until a supplier happens to come along and beg to be allowed to sell here. Then I presume they have to prove they are worthy before being licensed. It is a ludicrous system and we shall all suffer. Has anyone else had a problem yet?

  • The best way of ensuring a supply is to buy it. We buy ours from Mexico and it is the purest form available. Jane x

  • Maybe the Mexican company can be asked to put forward a proposal to supply our NHS through the usual channels. It would appear we definitely cannot now rely on Mercury as it obvously cannot supply T3, or Eltroxin. There is no alternative anywhere in the UK. I have read before that some have been paying privately extortionate sums for a month's supply.

    I think we now need to take action somehow or other.

  • I suspect that, whatever else, the brand name of Cynomel would inhibit Grossman from supplying the UK (or possibly any other European) market as that is already in use by Sanofi.

    Launching another livery/packaging would probably be a considerable extra step and cost for them.


  • Where in Mexico ? How?

  • Please see my response to Katherine below. Thanks. J.x

  • Could you please tell what is the website to buy in mexico. Please message me

  • Hi, I'm away from home at the moment I'm afraid so don't have to information to hand, but will send it to you in a couple of days.

    If someone else beats me to it or you don't hear from me by Sunday please send me another message. Jane x

  • Hi, could you possibly give me the details too please. Many thanks.

  • Will do, but please see my response above. J x

  • Hi Janeb, please could you also send me the info on Mexico when you return?

    Many thanks

    Sandy :)

  • Hi, Could I have details as well,please. Thankyou

    Joan x

  • Hi janeb I think you need another break soon, could you add me to the list as well please for the contact details for Mexico

    Kind regards amandajl

  • Folk,

    Each and every response you make will send alert emails to many, many people.

    And Jane will have to keep an eye both on her alerts and this thread to make sure she sends you the information. Which makes it very easy to miss some requests.

    It would be a MUCH better idea to send JaneB a Private Message asking for the info. There will not be thousands of alerts sent out. And Jane can simply respond to each PM in her list of PMs. And it will be very simple for her to check that she has responded.

    It is also what JaneB asked you all to do!


  • Hi could you please let me know as well. Thankyou

  • Mercury Pharma at it again ?????????????????????????

    File a yellow card report with your GP and complain very loudly via your MP

  • Hi there - what is a yellow card report please?

  • This explains:


    I don't see that one would have anything to do with supply issues but perhaps RFU123 has some idea as to how filing one would help?


  • technically its medicine side effects report via the gp

    but if your on t3 its likely you cant tolerate thyroxine so with t3 unavalailable you will be in trouble

    always good to rattle the GMC s cage

  • Has anyone contacted AMCO to find out if this is true?

    Not doubting chorkie has been told that, but we have seen all too many rumours which ended up as something else. It would be good to get a definitive answer. They might also be able to say how long the supply issue might,or could, last.

    In case anyone wishes to contact them:



  • I have this minute. Their London office is in the very prestigious City of London.

  • I went to a school which proudly (and legitimately) displayed the coat of arms of the City of London. Yet it turned out people like me! :-)

    Actually, I had emailed them before the response above, but it does seem to be the best first thing to do and the more the merrier! :-)


  • They didn't so bad...

    considering the material they had to work with ;)

  • Well, Rod, if they turned out people like you they made a very excellent job of it.

  • Where d'you live, Chorkie?

  • Hiya I live in Staines Middx. My pharmacist is at Superdrug and he is going to ring around other branches for me. He only has 1 other person currently taking this drug and has told me that

    the difficulty obtaining it was due to a "production problem"…….

  • I get my 5mcg T3 tablets (bottles of 100) from Boots. They have to order it and it arrives next day.

  • I got my picked up my latest T3 prescription from Boots on Wednesday. They had some in stock on Monday and ordered the rest, which came in quickly.

    Do try other pharmacies, even different branches of pharmacy chains.

    Best of Luck,

    Totoro x

  • I posted this link in another thread earlier. Seems to me its relevant here too. It also seems to me its time this company is reported and has its Licence revoked under these ethical and legal obligations. We should all be queuing up to call the Department of Health and remind them of this document and ask them if they are actually ever going to implement it or if they write it for the sake of sounding tough!


  • Hi I have had no problems . but often when my small pharmacy says they cannot get some thing, Sainsburys go to a lot of trouble to obtain it. ie Potassium from Australia

    Best wishes,


  • Me too :D. I can wait! X

  • Me too please :D x

  • Perhaps you should go one step further Rod and report it as an adverse event here: amcolimited.com/contact-us/... :-D

  • Hi Everyone,

    I hope this isn't true because I'm seeing my endo next week to get a prescription for T3. I've been on Levothyroxine for nearly a year since my thyroid cancer was removed and I'm hypothyroid now and not improving. My endo wants to trial T4/T3 combined and I was hopeful that this would work, my hopes are now dashed!!!!!!!!!!

  • Don't panic, Thora, so far it's one pharmacy unable to supply. I collected my scrip on Friday but couldn't ask the pharmacist about shortages because the place was heaving and they were run off their feet.

  • Hi Clutter,

    Thanks for your reply. Which pharmacy cannot supply it then I'll avoid them when I get my prescription on Tuesday?

  • Further to my post last week - my pharmacist has phoned the supplier of T3 and has been told that the "production problem" persists and there will be no further supplies until the end of April - I just hope this problem gets resolved before then. Surely the supplier and the NHS have a duty of care to all those people who need this drug? Why are they allowed to inflict this on us again?

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