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German sanofi T3

Just started today the German brand of T3 .

I’ve been using the French brand for the past 9months but it has been harder getting friends to get me it from France. I’ve had no problems with it but needed to source getting it sent to me hence the change to the German make.

Basically anyone whose on the German brand - have you had any problems with it ? Obviously I can’t read the info in the box !

Any advice gratefully received 😛

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Is the German brand you are taking Thybon 20mcg or Sanofi 25mcg?


Thybon 20mg but it says sanofi on the box



Sanofi Deutschland have owned Henning for some time. Henning is the German company that makes and sells Thybon.



I've been on it (Thybon 20mcg) for a few months and prefer it to the NHS brand I was on before. It makes me feel more awake. Also the use by date is 2019, and the tablets are large and easy to break.



I have a patient info sheet for Thybon which I made using Google translate. It's not perfect, but quite clear what it all means. If you would like a copy please pm me your email address.

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