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Does anyone have any [private] feedback on CountryHealth?

I was feeling pretty bad in March of this year - had been experiencing aching fingers, elbows and knee joints for a few months and had little energy and was extremely cold intolerant. I developed terrible lower back pains and went to GP who did blood tests. The results all came back 'normal' apart from a 'slightly elevated' TSH - 4.65. After doing some googling about Thyroid issues (& reading this site) I realised I should use my private health insurance.

Long story short - after seeing 2 private consultants I am told there is nothing wrong with me. I did start taking D3, K2, Mag, Selenium & Zinc supplements and the latest TSH was 3.2.

I have been made aware of a functional medicine organisation called CountryHealth. Does anyone know their practices - I really don't want to spend a few hundred pounds to be told again "you should be happy, there is nothing wrong with you"!


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If you are in the US unfortunately at this point with insurance companies balking about covering functional healthcare you are probably looking at up front out of pocket payments with iffy insurance reimbursement. Many here would love to have a functional physician, including myself, but it is too pricey. I wish insurance companies would change their thinking but I don't see this happening for several reasons. Two, in my opinion, are Big Pharma and the AMA (American Medical Association) - both very powerful. I often content myself by buying their books and signing up for their website newsletters.

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Hi Irina

No, I'm in the UK but the functional medicine won't be covered under my private health insurance policy, I will have to pay for it separately.

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I wish it were different for all of us.

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medwards, I don't have any personal experience of this practise. If anyone else does, they should communicate with you via private message only, in accordance with our forum posting guidelines.

Having looked at their website, I have a couple of observations. Firstly, it appears that they cannot prescribe thyroid medication via an NHS prescription. Information on their site suggests they will probably only prescribe Nature-Throid (a desiccated thyroid preparation that's not usually prescribed through the NHS).

This will therefore be a private prescription for medication which you will need to purchase yourself. Currently supplies of this medication are unstable (some people have been having difficulty obtaining it due to shortages).

This also means you will be committing yourself to paying not only for medication, but private blood tests and ongoing supervision with their practise.

The plus side: you may well be diagnosed with hypothyroidism and given hope for symptom resolution. But be aware that this diagnosis will not be honoured by an NHS GP or endo. Also be aware that it's usual to begin treatment for hypothyroidism with levothyroxine, and only after time would you turn to desiccated thyroid if it becomes evident that levothyroxine is not working for you.

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Thanks for your comments - I did realise that I would be committing myself to ongoing costs but didn't take into account the problem with supplies. Thanks.

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Do you always get the earliest possible blood tests? Fasting (you can drink water) and if taking thyroid hormones you'd allow a gap of 24 hours between last dose and test and take it afterwards.

Always get a print-out of your results for your own records and make sure ranges are stated.

You need a Full Thyroid Function Test: TSH. T4, T3, Free T4, Free T3 and thyroid antibodies. We have two private labs who do pin-prick home tests and make sure you are well-hydrated a couple of days before,

Their supplies are stable as far as I have heard. It would be unfair to assume that they are affected by supply problems.

I am happy to share what I know about patient experiences by private message but it’s a shame the guidelines here restrict others from knowing.

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Hi. Hope you don’t mind me asking. I’m to register with Countyhealth after taking Medichecks home test yesterday. I’m just hesitating and doing some research of my own before paying out for their advice. I’ve had a phone call with them and know about the pvt prescription etc. Thanks for your help if you have the time I’m appreciate it.

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I will message you

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