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T4 High Blood Sugar - T3 Low Blood Sugar

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On T4 only my blood sugars have got higher, on T4/T3 my blood sugars lowered, does anyone know why this would be please?

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I presume you are diabetic as well as hypothyroid- so are you judging this effect measuring daily blood sugar or say yearly Hb1ac? I have had both ailments for over 12 years, and originally took levothyroxin only, then more recently T4\T3 - can't say I've noticed any difference that I could put down to thyroid meds....could it be that your metabolism has improved with T3 ie you are burning up more sugar 24/7? My basal temperature still hasn't budged with T3 from max 36C, but then my bloods still aren't optimum. Interesting if there is a link- it is my yearly diabetic check that has been the only time Gp gets my TSH is tested ( though the result is then ignored)... just think what could be achieved if diabetic hypos had their FT3 tested too!

I have been hypothyroid for about 8 years, and have an annuaul blood test that showed my hba thingy to be 41 - I looked this-up, and found it to be one point away from pre-diabetes, I was amazed that it had not been mentioned before, but 2 GP's have said my bloods are fine and not to test blood sugar at home, but I would rather test, and try and prevent it from getting any higher. I am at the stage of trying various dosages to see if I can feel better and lower blood sugars, and lose weight - not an easy task. Or just accept I am nearer to my box than I should be!

How does the T4 and T4/T3 thyroid treatments of your post title fit into this? What do you mean about 'trying various dosages...and lowering blood sugars'?

But you are not even prediabetic so your doctors are not concerned, fortunately there is better info. , more easily available than 14 years ago when I was diagnosed ,about reversing pre diabetes. Ignore the NHS dietitians and the 'healthy' plate and remove a proportion of carbs.from your current diet - especially sugars and refined carbs., and swop to whole food , higher fibre alternatives, or more 'greens'. Careful of lots of fruit; carbs are better with fats so , what might seem counterintuitive, cream or cheese can be better for your blood sugar than low fat alternatives!

I started off getting a blue horizon test and found that my free t4 and free t3 were low, and someone said I was undermedicated for hypothyroid, so I tried adding a little t3, and took random blood sugar readings at home and noticed that my sugars were mainly in the 5's rather than 6's - the t3 was not really for me because it made me bloat to the point of finding it difficult to walk and being breathless, so I stopped the t3, and after a while put the t4 up, but noticed that my sugars were in the high 6's and sometimes 8's,so assumed it is the t4.

Oh, as I said not noticed any connection Thyroid meds and blood sugar. If you have a blood sugar monitor at home then test your sugar levels say first thing and you'll work out what sends you bloods higher - it varies individually, I find for eg cake ( with fat and carbs) has little effect , yet an Indian meal with samosas/ bharji, rice and dahl which should be good sends blood sugar high 10 hours later.... Years ago a dietician couldn't find anything wrong with my diet so thought I should swop a sandwich ( wholemeal bread and salad) for jacket potato .... even at the time it was a no no, now we know it was definitely a stupid swop to get one's blood sugar up quickly, but know the diet info provided by diabetic nurses is still out of date.

ooh you are not text book then, my blood sugar hates ready brek, bread, gravy. I did manage to lose 2.5 stone 2 yrs ago, but it did not lower my hba1c or whatever it is called. Sugars are ok on eggs, cheese, butter, strawberries, cream which is mostly what I eat now.

Hope you don't mean sugars on eggs, cheese etc...but perhaps wholemeal something with them, or knock on any added carb with them.

Lol, I meant my blood surgars are ok if I eat eggs.

Yes protein good!

There are loads of articles relating to poor blood glucose control for both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. The two links below may be interesting to you. The second link is particularly interesting re HBA1C levels in hypothyroid patients.



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Thank you for the links, more investigating to be done.

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