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Normal/High T3 - Normal/Low T4 ?

Im a bit confused after asking for some opinion on my thyroid test readings


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FREE T3 6.1 pmol/L 3.1 - 6.8

Im reading that having a low T4 is bad yet T4 is the inactive form, and if its only used to be converted into T3 then why does the T4 level matter if the T3 is in range? sorry if i sound confusing.

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Hello Leahcim,

The T4 wouldn't matter if you were on T3 only medication but you are it is a strange result.

Usually T3 & T4 are more balanced with even a slight drop in the T3 result but yours is the opposite.

You are right to say T4 is the inactive form but you require a certain amount of it to convert to T3 in the first place, so your results are even stranger.

If this were me....I would order a retest (or get your GP/endo to order one but ensure you have T3 included) to confirm unusual findings and if the results were to repeat...I would follow Clutters excellent advice as given in a previous post.

Link below..

Leahcim, don't worry about this yet as until a second test confirms, it may well be a lab error...mistakes happen.

Good luck


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Il have to go private as the GP's here are a nightmare! going to order now and hopefully get the results this week, i need some answers arghhh :P im always borderline on any test done lol


I have had similar results on Ndt, low tsh,.below t4 and OK t3. I dont feel well on it. How are you?


whats ndt? im not on any meds or diagnosed and yeh im quite unwell :(


Also next time you are tested have an early morning appointment with no breakfast beforehand as TSH is high then. The tsh varies alot according to time of day so yours might be high a lot of time but was low when you were tested.


NDT is a natural dessicated thyroxine. There are lots of different brands.

I would ask to be tested again. Because my tsh was so low and t4 below range my GP was suggesting I has secondary hypothyroidism. But my t4 was below range whereas yours is just above and most gps thinking in range means well even if very low in range and feeling ill.

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Whatever is causing this over conversion of t4 to t3, is the reason that you feel bad and not these odd results...i am pretty sure of that. You are def. over converting.


oooo ty for your comment, iv just realised these results were 2 years ago! so now iv ordered to have









Vitamin B12

C Reactive Protein

can i post the results for you guys to check it out as i defo need guidance with them from some pros like yourselves :)

Reply away!

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so the unnecessary conversion is that gives you the symptoms? as its in theory working to hard for what it actually needs?


No..something, an illness or some deficiency or, who knows what [i have not researched it much] is the reason for feeling poorly, not the low ft4. The ft3 is high though. Do you have hyper symptoms from it.. Trembling, anxiety,. weight loss etc..?


i have mostly hypo symptoms, a new hyper symptoms though like heat intolerence, anxiety etc :S


new? do you mean "no" hyper symptoms?

The hypo symptoms, i am sure are not due to the thyroid..not with results like that. You have adequate t3 and people do fine with no t4.

What are your hypo symptoms?

Do you have Hashimotos?


Your results are actually immaterial, how do you feel?

Some of us feel great with a TSH of 1.27 and others feel awful, you need to work out what's a good day for you, so don't be scared to ask for more tests and write down a detailed list of your symptoms that morning, we all go up and down, you may be in the middle of a bit of a thyroid storm because you're upside down, or maybe you've had a virus that upset your levels. Don't get hung up on it, get another test and try to get treatment for the symptoms rather than the blood results.. Results are only partially helpful.. I was at my worst (in bed for 5 months) when my doctor was telling me my bloods were "normal". My GP would have a fit if he saw my current results but I am back at work and doing very well.. The "range" they use is for the average non-sick person.. most of us are not average and are sick, so they are irrelevant to us.

This is a good list of symptoms to keep a track of.


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