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Undetectable TSH and my results

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Hi everyone it’s me again. Rather than try reply individually iv done this new post. In my previous I was asking what it meant to have an undetectable TSH. Quite a few of u answered, and I thank you all. I asked for my blood results and they sent this, hmm. Nxt time I’ll be specific and ask for a full print out. Anyhoo, I do not take my levythroxine before my blood tests, I completely fast. I also ask for a full screening and get one, but as the previous one showed my b12, vitd etc to be ok, they wouldn’t test it again this last time. So here’s the results. And after being transferred on the telephone to the endo nurse today, in tears I was. She suggested I lower my levythroxine to 50/75 alternate days. 😱 will I be ok, I asked. Yes she said, sometimes too much levythroxine can be worse and give all the symptoms I am presenting with. So I compromised with, if IF I dare drop that low, it would be 75 daily. This nurse reckons I am converting ok, so additional T3 is futile. And my symptoms of anxiety, tiredness etc could well decrease with a lowered dose of levythroxine. I said blimey I gets through a adolescence, and teenage anxst. Gets through child birth hormones. Even gets through the piggin menopause. Happy chilled out, wow iv done it. Only to be now struck with it all again. Mood swings, anxiety. What a drag, what a blooming drag eh!! I don’t know what to do anymore

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Did you mean to post some results? If you have them, do you also have the reference ranges to post as well.

Hi susie iv added my results to the post now. What dyu reckon

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If you reduced your Levo a couple of weeks before the test then those results are useless. You need to leave 6-8 weeks after a dose change for results to stabilise. Those results aren't a true reflection of your new dose. And without the ranges they can't be interpreted accurately.

If it was me I would most certainly not lower my dose any lower than 75mcg daily then you would have to wait 6-8 weeks before testing again.

And I don't agree that you are converting OK. Good conversion takes place when the FT4:FT3 ratio is between 3:1 and 4:1 and yours is 25:4.7 = 5.31 : 1

With a TSH less than 1 you get to see how well you convert. With your FT4 so high (presumably over range?) and FT3 probably less than half way through range, if your next lot of results are similar then you would benefit from the addition of T3 with possibly a reduction in Levo.

She said no they wouldn’t even consider addition of T3 as I convert ok. She advised I reduce. Do you think I take her advice and reduce to 75mcg a day see if that helps my symptoms?

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to MMAndrea52


Yes, lower to 75mcg daily. It will lower your FT4 and will probably lower your FT3 as well.

Oh thank u so much susie. Ok I’ll lower to 75mcg tomorrow

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Essential to stick on one dose for six weeks minimum and then retest thyroid and vitamins...privately if necessary

Your FT3 is likely already too low at 4.7 ....though without ranges it's impossible to tell

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