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GP with no ears and needs to go to Specsavers!


I went to the GP 6 weeks ago and he found I had a temp, high heart rate, a heart murmer, and an infection somewhere. I was sent away with a prescription for antibiotics and was given a blood test. I was called back for the next available appointment (5 week wait) and went yesterday.

Guess what? No mention of testing the heart, no mention of seeing if the infection was cleared, just that my TSH was 0.3. It is clear in my notes I am on NDT and have explained to them what this means (they were happy to monitor me). I tried to explain again, but it fell on deaf ears. I asked if it had been removed from my notes (this was a bit naughty of me because it cannot have been, it was my way of saying "read the "£$% notes"). According to them, giving me 10 whatsits of T3 a day was too high a dose, and I should cut back to 5.

I was then told (and this was the stinger!) that he had "sick people to see". It did not go down well when I pointed out that they had called me in! I asked about doing something about the heart and was told "beyond the GP scope" but he would refer me, so I told him to whom I wanted to be referred (I vaguely know the specialit) and was told it was not up to him. I was muttering like Mutley all the way home!

By the way, the blood results show I am very slightly underdosed on NDT, so will up it slightly now. Thank goodness for this forum, and the knowledge I have gained. Thank you all.

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Disgusting behaviour from a doctor. Whereabouts are you?



Nothing surprises me any more. They're all a load of twonks.

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