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T3 only its a lifesaver for me but really struggling to find a hypoallergenic affordable brand

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Hi ive been taking perrigo t3 and doing ok on it after years of suffering many different brands and serious side effects. Now im struggling that its gone. Have obtained some mayne and thrice the price but not felt well with it even though its supposed to be identical. Im hoping its just stress as i really dont know where to turn from here. Im nit able to afford the specials price of £700 pmonth for compounded t3 boots. My life depends on it. Gps cannot help have fought every corner with support from consultants gp mp but failed. A gp once prescribed cytomel and got into trouble. The starches and alcohol formulars can poisen me. And anything with t4 in is a complete no no. Not even martindale or ndt

Where do i go from here? Floundering Diane

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Two endos now retired fought for me but failed.ccg will NOT pay and gps will get into trouble if they try and help. Im afraid for my life. What to do?

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You must write to your GP and complain and there was a debate in Parliament a few weeks ago, which lasted from about 3 p.m. to after 8 p.m. about the withdrawal of T3 from patients without notice etc. and also them becoming very unwell.


See also the pinned posts on the right-hand side of this page.

Did you also sign the Petition we had earlier in the year. I'd send it by Next Day Delivery

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Write a brand new post asking for private messages to be sent to you of information of where to source T3. You can then enquire what they put into the T3.

The post will then be closed as we cann post sources on the forum. All of us who take T3 signed Petitions against the withdrawal. It is a lifesaver for many. You could also write to Lord Hunt.

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Do write to Lord Hunt as the Debate lasted from 3.05 p.m. till after 8. You are absolutely desperate and I would be the same if I couldn't get T3 any more.

I would send your very important plea to him it by Next Day Delivery,

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Have you tried Thybon Henning T3 from Germany? You would need private prescription.

20mcg tablets in boxes of 100 - 31 Euro per 100 tablets


Thank you all for yr replies...im ringing mp today to write to lord hunt and will try gp for prescript fir a try of thybon

Is the starch in cytomel the same as the cornstarch in thybon henning? As cytomel kept building up and poisening me...it must have been the starch. I dont want to repeat that.

Never got to the bottom of cytomels starch source...but time and money are running out for me.

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