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Maybe Thyroid Problems

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Hi, I am only new on here, but was speaking with a friend who suggested the site because of how I was feeling. I have pernicious anaemia and psoriatic arthritis. I have also had a hip replacement two years ago. I have over the last 4 years gained weight unexplainably as my diet has not changed. My GP has ran tests for thyroid problems and diabetes as this runs in my family but I've been told that nothing has shown in my bloods. My friend told me that I show go back since I've been feeling tired, weight gain, irregular periods, low mood etc and have e blood tests TSH T4 T3 to see if anything shows up. Can anyone tell me if this would be linked with any of my symptoms?

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Yes, the symptoms you mention could be linked to hypothyroidism.

You need a full thyroid panel to include




Thyroid antibodies (2 types - Thyroid Peroxidase and Thyroglobulin)

and also important to test as sometimes symptoms of low levels can overlap with symptoms of hypothyroidism:

Vit D




You may not get everything done with your GP - certainly not FT3 and probably not the thyroid antibodies. If you can't get everything done then we have a couple of recommended labs that do all those tests in a bundle or

Come back with any results in a new post, include all the reference ranges as well as the results, and members can comment.

How often are you having B12 injections? Many people need them far more frequently than doctors would have you believe...

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Amandaod in reply to Jazzw

Every 3 months. I never feel the benefit of them anymore!

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