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Thyroid condition normal

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I’m still new to this and all of my endocrinologist specialist are telling me my gyro is is normal dispute all the testing. I have one bigger module on the left side an smaller ones on the right. I was told it is normal due to most of the population having these and not knowing. As long as they don’t grow they will just continue to monitor but not Medicate.

I still feel not like myself, working out seems harder I break out in extreme sweats with just the littlest bit of exercise. My heart rate flys so fast I constantly feel as if I have to stop an catch my breath just to get threw my workouts. This problem started right after discontinuing generic accutane. I’m not sure why this happened, my I’m still wondering why I’m having such a hard time because I never had this issue before.

If anyone has had this experience or can shed some light on the situation I would greatly appreciate it. Right now the doctors are just making me feel like it’s all in my head and it’s not.

So frustrating and just trying to get some answers to this problem.

Thank you,

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So, do you have copies of your test results? If so, post them here, with the ranges, and people will be better able to advise. :)

It’s a lot of papers to post an I don’t think I can here. But I was told it’s all normal levels just cortisol slightly allievated due to stress issues. Hoping someone can share some insight on what might be he cause of this.

Nobody can help without seeing the results plus the ranges which are usually in brackets, just type the relevant results.

I understand completely , I’ll try to see what I can post later. Thanks.

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