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Wondering if I need to up my ERFA dose after surgery?


I had surgery nearly 3 weeks ago under GA for removal go ovarian cyst and a cervical polypectomy. I've recovered from the affects of the GA and my surgical wounds have healed, but I'm not feeling great. Tired and gaining weight very easily.

I'm currently taking Erfa Thyroid. I take 90mg in the morning and another 60mg in the afternoon.

Is is possible that the surgery and/or GA has knocked my thyroid out of whack again? I'm going to get a blood test done via Medichecks as my GP won't give me one (they won't do it more than annually now), but just wondering what I can do in the meantime. I'm taking a lot of supplements too to help with my health and wellness. I have Hashimoto's so find I need these.

Thanks in advance.

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I think you'd need a blood test first before members will comment. It might be that your op has knocked your hormones about a bit.

franniebabes in reply to shaws

Ok thanks

You'd probably be better off taking some B12 than increasing your NDT. I doubt the surgery had an effect on your thyroid itself, but will probably have affected your conversion. This is a safety mechanism, reducing your FT3, so that you have less energy and are forced to rest while you heal. If the op was only three weeks ago, it's still very early days. I wouldn't have thought it worth doing thyroid tests at this point. Wait until you're completely recovered. And do as nature intended : rest.

Have you already had your B12 tested? Some anesthetics - forget which - can destroy your B12, making you feel pretty rough. So, taking some until you feel better, might be a good idea. But, if I were you, I would leave your NDT dose as it is until you're fully recovered, and you might find you don't need to increase it at all. :)

Ok I will try B12 instead and do the blood test in a few weeks. Thank you.

Have you already had your B12 tested in the past?

Make that a few months before you do the test. :)

Yes I have had my B12 tested. Not for a year though. It was low and I supplemented, but I've not done so religiously so need to make I keep on top of it. Thanks.

You're welcome. :)

humanbean in reply to greygoose

Some anesthetics - forget which - can destroy your B12, making you feel pretty rough.

The gas that causes problems is nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas.


greygoose in reply to humanbean

Thank you, HB. :)

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