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If Thiroyd tabs are 1grain do you crush them up to increase dose?

I started on 1 tab = 1 grain of Thiroyd from thailand, but now I am trying to increase the dose but most people seem to suggest increasing in 1/4 grain do I do that? surely the NDT is not evenly distributed through the tablet so if I cut it up (quite tricky) or crush it, I won't be taking an accurate dosage.

Would 2 grains (2 tabs) be too much? I don't know how much I'm likely to need given I was on 100mcg Levo but undermedicated.

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People usually get a pill cutter and cut the tablet up. Not perfect, but the best we can do.

Yes, it would be too much to jump from one grain to two grains. It would put too much of a strain on your body.


Thanks greygoose I've ordered a pill cutter. Do you split the dose between morning and evening, is that the usual approach?


It's the approach that suits some people. Others take it all at once. You have to find out what suits you best.


Yes the thyroxine is distributed throughout the tablet its the same as any other drug. Cut your tablet into quarters with a good pill cutter.


Thanks Glynisrose & greygoose I've ordered my pill cutter and shall try increasing by quarters.

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